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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

the joy of LOVE {Day EIGHT}

gift from the Heart

Breadwinner loves me. He believes in me. In December 2004 he bought me my first DSLR, a Canon Rebel XT. Be bought the base, because I already had comparable film version and had been using it since 1998. He knew all my lenses, external flash, etc would be compatible. He told me he saw how much I loved photography and loved my portfolio. It broke his heart that I stopped shooting because it was easier to take his digital point and shoot. Film and processing seemed teadious when we could snap and see the photo immediately. Since the initial purchase he keeps adding accessories. First, a wired remote shutter, when he saw me struggle in trying to get our {then} infant daughter posed for make shift studio shots each holiday. Then a wireless remote shutter, when I never used the wired one. Then an amazing new lens when he saw my frustration with my existing two. Next, a battery grip and an extra double life battery so I didn't have to swap out or complain of a dead battery-ever. Most recently, for Christmas this year a gorgeous new digital flash.
In January, I told him he has too much faith in me. I'm exceptionally bad at flash photography and have all this equipment I know I'm not using to it's full potential. He reminded me- get back to the basics. The settings, metering- he told me to pull out my manual and re-learn my camera. When my friend, Emily told me about this class I knew it was perfect timing. I'm remembering, I'm re-learning all my settings, wording, what it all means. I'm not afraid to take an imperfect shot. I'm constantly playing with apertures, shutter speeds, white balance- trying to get the best shot- the shot photo shop can't give me.
Now, here in the desert- while Breadwinner works on this incredible program, and God has blessed us so richly- with amazing ministering opportunities, a gorgeous house to rent, time, space, financial resources- I'm rediscovering myself and my loves. It's a beautiful gift. f/3.5 ss 1/2000 ISO 400, outdoor bright sunlight. manual focus I love the depth of field in this one. Day 8

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