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Friday, February 4, 2011

the joy of LOVE

My friend, Emily introduced me to a great project!
For the month of February, WilletteDesigns is offering a FREE online photography class.
I decided to participate, too. It's truly inspiring me already to get back to the basics I learned in high school and get to know my camera all over again.
My goal is to increase my camera knowledge and basic abilities.
All photos for this project will be completely unedited.
Thanks, Em!

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Emily Zavitz said...

You are so welcome. And you're right about the photography skills. It is so easy to click click click (on camera settings that feel like home) just for the sake of documenting memories. It is nice to be deliberate with aperture, ISO, shutter speed, angle, etc-- when my subject will sit still long enough! Love the potty pic!