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Thursday, February 10, 2011

the joy of LOVE {Day TEN}

Space- where they are comfortable

Every night after bath, the hoodie towel clad girls run to the living room wood burning stove. As Little Sister says, 'Da sia (fire- remember her 'f's are 's's) keeps me nice and waum (warm)'. The fire is their favorite place after bath time! f/3.5 (lowest the lens will allow) ss 1/15 ISO 1600

Daddy isn't home when the girls are awake much these days. When he does make it home before bedtime, he loves reading to the girls. His very favorite- reading the wrong words on purpose to aggravate them.

What? Those aren't the right words? f 1/6 ss 4.0 ISO 800
today's lesson- full manual. so fun to shoot to compose a shot on my own again!
Day 10

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