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Monday, February 14, 2011

the joy of LOVE {Day FOURTEEN}

wedding band/jewelry

odd shot?
Breadwinner can't wear his two favorite {only} pieces of jewelry on the flight line. When the program started, he took them both off and placed them on the bathroom counter. After a month or so, he realized his watch wasn't getting enough light (it's kinetic) so he put both on a caribeener and hung them inside his bedside wall lamp. Here they remain. When the program is over, they will go right back where they belong. On his wrist and finger. f/4.5 ss 1/800 ISO 1600 Aperture priority, manual focus. selective focal point- today- the ring DAY 14


Emily Zavitz said...

I can SO apprecaite this shot. Paul didn't wear his wedding band or dress watch while he was working as a road officer, and they just cluttered up the bathroom counter for years!
You're brave to use manual focus. I've never even tried!

Sam said...

I'm a Nosy Nelly. Why can't he wear them on the flight line?

MommyMeagan said...

Base rules, Sam. ;( Em- You HAVE to try manual focus. I'm super shakey, and I can still get some cool shots. I know you can do it!