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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hello? Is this thing on?

Hi there!
Still with me?

Sort of?

OK, good.
Don't give up on me. We've been on the east coast for 15 days with little to no internet.
I had great intentions while we were gone, but no internet can be kind of debilitating for a blogger.
We are back, almost unpacked and ready to get this party restarted!
Looks like I never posted my last 2 days of Christmas- draft posts just sitting there. So lame.
Look for those in the next few days and lots of adventure in the new year!
Merry Christmas!
Happy New Year!
See ya soon!


Meredith said...

i so know how you feel. we were internet challenged for all of break pretty much and it was so weird. yay for a new year though! here's to achieving all of our goals girl!! ;)

Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

Love all the new things in your shop! It looks like you've been a busy lady lately...can't wait to see some new blog posts from you & all you've been up to! Happy New Year!