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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dining Set Transformation-Part Three-so, so close!

After sanding, sanding, more sanding, applying stripper (twice!), more sanding,
then staining, staining, more staining,
6 coats of polyurethane and a day and a half of waiting....

the table top came in tonight when Breadwinner got home and we assembled the table.
(*random side note: even though it's not terribly clean, do you love my giant chalkboard?)

In other words....

it's done.
I was so excited I had to take pictures- even though it's night, and I haven't learned how to use my new, incredibly amazing flash Breadwinner got me for Christmas.
Bear with the poor lighting in these pictures....and the mess in the background...

OK- not done- because there is the problem of this little Ikea bench on the other side of the table.
What do I DO with it? We want to leave it free of fabric for now.
The kids sit there for meals and it makes for easier clean up.
Would you take it apart, strip it, and stain it to match the walnut top?
Or rough it up a bit and go with the same creamy white of the chairs?
Or the awesome blue of the table legs?
Help! Help!
I'm soooo close to finishing this transformation. What should I do?


Emily Zavitz said...

I love, love, love the dark table top! Gorgeous! As for the Ikea bench, I would paint it the creamy white. That way, if you ever want to create a cushion you can use more of that fab lemon fabric!

Tanya said...

I love the color combo of the yellow and blue. What color of blue did you use to paint the table or did it come that way? We're planning on refurbishing our table and I just love that color.

Sam Zavitz said...

I, too, would say go for the creamy white ~ I think it'll be the perfect finish to the set! And if I was feeling extra crafty and didn't have anything else to do, I might make a cushioned top out of a piece of 2x18 that I could set on top of the bench when I wanted the look of the chairs, but I could take off when the girls are eating and for day to day life. But that's only if I had copious amounts of extra time.

The dark wood of the table looks FABULOUS!

MommyMeagan said...

So far the creamy white is winning by a landslide (a few friends here at home said the same thing.) Do you think it will make the table too disconnected from the chairs? Tough to see in pics, but the blue in the table ended up being an almost exact match to the leaves in the lemon fabric. Bonus! Other than that-will it seem too random to have a dark wood top but creamy everything else? Oh, and Sam- you crack me up.....if by copious amounts of time you mean giving up another nights sleep to this hit the nail on the head!

Kim said...

I also vote for the creamy white because it ties all the seats together.

You did a great job with the table it looks amazing!

Karri said...

I think you'd be fine doing white or the dark. But I think from what I know of IKEA wood, the dark may end up looking different. So maybe white is the best way to go.