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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dining Set Transformation-Part One

OK- so technically this is part 2.
If you recall, back in October I decided to start refinishing my dining room chairs.

I did one, and then stopped.
As temperatures here in the Southern California high desert continued to rise last week- I was watching the weather station (thank you Breadwinner) like a hawk- bracing for the 65 degree mark.
Saturday we hit it...with no wind-so I grabbed 2 more of the dining room chairs and sanded, primed, painted and lightly distressed them. Thank you Valspar spray paint!
And to think-it only took 3 months to finish up this little refinishing project. I know- don't judge....
Today, the outside temp was almost 80...again (what season is this, anyway?!) with no wind-quite unusual for the desert-so I took advantage and finished the last of the 4 chairs.
You'll have to wait on those pics- but 2 look like the one above, and two have this fabulous retro lemon fabric from my laundry room curtains on the seats.

This is where the new part begins....
Have you seen the Pleated Poppy's coffee table?

When I saw it about a year ago in her rearranging post I fell in LOVE and knew I wanted to use it as my inspiration for our dining room table.
Long about 3pm as the girls were still snoozing away on their naps, I decided to start the dining table part of this transformation. I know, I know-who starts refinishing a dining room table only a few short hours before dinner time?! That would be THIS crazy gal.
The table is fairly large and quite heavy, and wouldn't quite fit through the back door upright, but I was determined....
So- I tipped the bad boy on it's side, carefully slid it across the faux-ish wood floor, lifted it up over the slider door track one end at a time and tipped it back up on it's feet....only a tiny corner was 'pre-sanded' with the help of the concrete porch out the back door.
Next, I grabbed 2 panels of wood from the garage and inched the table onto them to help move it further into the yard.
We live on 2 1/2 acres of horse property and the entire backyard is dirt...which is kind of wet right now...and mud and sanding don't mix.
After sanding the bottom half of the table, I used the two half full cans of primer I had on hand (with a potty training 2 yr old there was no way I was making the trek into town to get more!) and carefully covered each spindley leg with a perfect coat-using every last drop of what was available.

An hour or so later, I returned to brush on the first coat of paint.

Lake Country from Valspar-the perfect match to my favorite Natural Life dish towel (I promise to post a pic in the next update).

By the time the day was over I had one full coat and half the second complete!

Tomorrow is supposed to be more of the same weather- here's hoping for more nap time refinishing!

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Christine said...

I am in love with that color, it's perfect! Way to make a boring table cool!