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Monday, November 29, 2010

Snow Bunnies

Picture More Navy 5x7 folded card
Unique party invitations and greeting cards by Shutterfly.
View the entire collection of cards.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


If you are new to What I Wore Wednesday, here is a quick refresher...
Lindsey at the Pleated Poppy started her What I Wore Wednesday posts several months ago in an effort to change her habits of hanging out in pjs and softie pants all day. Just because she stays home to work and home school her kids, doesn't mean she can't be cute (seriously-she is too stinking cute, even IN her softies!). Since she started her WIWW link ups, over 100 women are putting themselves out there in blogland each week in an effort to share, inspire, and just be's my Week 11.
Wednesday- Preschool then home to play

Navy ruffle dress- American Eagle
Navy tank- American Eagle
Pink ruffle cardi- Old Navy
Light gray leggings-Target
Fabulous Boots- Hand me down. Still my faves!
Thursday-Fun playdate with friends in our old town. Nice 90 mile drive to warmer weather.

sorry, forgot to take pic until we got home and it was already dark out.
Green dress- Aeropostale
Charcoal tank-American Eagle
Charcoal leggings-Target
Gold shrug- NY and Co
Red sandals in November when it feels icy at home- priceless
Fun multistrand necklace- Eclectic Elegance
Friday-Preschool, mall with Little Sister, then home to sew. I'm learning that I stick my hip/stomach out when I do these shots. This pic is a great example. No preggo belly there, just sticking it all out. Not so cute. PS This belt just kept slipping off all day! How do I fix that?!

Plum sleeveless sheath dress- NY and CO
Gray tank- AMerican Eagle
Jeans- AE
Favorite flowy gray sweater- NY and CO (I need to go back and get this in multiple colors- how much do you want to bet everything is 50% off for Black Friday again....)
Reversible shiny gray to matte gray belt- Macy's. But how do I get it to stay in place when it's kind of slick leather?
Mustard shoes- Target
Noticing a trend of wet pony tail days?
home to sew.....

Yep, when we got home. All the girls (me included) got comfy and took naps. It was chilly and I wanted to cozy up. Honesty people, honesty.... oh- and yes, I do have a Little Sister/Big Sister height smudge on my mirror that needs taken care of.
Georgia Bulldog hoodie-Walmart
Green fleece pants- Old Navy
Pillows piled up because the bed didn't get made's a give and take
Saturday-Went to town as a family then date night with Breadwinner!

Brick red tunic- Old Navy
Black and brown sweater- Old Navy
Dark wash skinny jeans- AE
Brown boots- JC Penney

Mustard sweater dress- NY and CO
Gray long sleeve tee- Target
Gray patterned (PS Big Sister says Pat-er-in. So cute!) NY and CO
Fun Black boots you can't see well in the pic- JC Penney-last Black Friday
Long, Doubled necklace- Premiere Jewelry- gift from my mom aka Gramm

It was chilly, so I threw on my go-to sweater. Jacket probably would have been better. Brrrr....
Sunday- Woke up to snow on the mountains north of us and threw the list of chores out the window for a snow trip-First real snow experience with Little Sister (if you don't count the 8ft by 8ft patch of fake snow at the winter craft fair last year)

Fun white knit hat- gift
Breadwinners old huge snow jacket because it turns out I don't have one-Costco, I think
Pink polka dot rain boots because I don't have snow boot either- Target
Green fleece-Old Navy
Jeans- AE

Bundled up kiddos-all mine!
Monday-Little Sister's Pediatric Opthamologist appointment in the Valley (she doesn't need a patch ever, or glasses just yet, but was officially diagnosed with Exotropia for those keeping track at home....)

Gray sweater-NY and CO
Blue sheer ruffle top- NY and Co....probably should have been tucked in or worn with a cute belt, huh?
white cami-Old Navy
Jeans- American Eagle
Gray beaded necklace-American Eagle
Piled up clean laundry- always my struggle!
Tuesday- woke up late, Little Sister slept until 9:20am!! Preschool starts at 9am- yeah- it was that kind of day. At least she slept off her stuffy nose.

Black, long sweater- NY and CO
Gray cami-Old Navy
Jeans- American Eagle
Random stuffed animals, box to ship to GA, pillows from unmade bed (again) dresser drawers not pushed in....does anyone else have days like this?
Thanks for stopping by! I'm starting to stare at my closet full of clothes each morning and feel like I'm skipping over even more- What not to Wear Wednesday is coming back soon. I need your help sorting through my closet to find the gems!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Give Thanks

Most crafters have moved onto Christmas, but I'm not quite there.
Don't get me wrong. I LOVE Christmas and already have a few new crafty projects in mind, but I'm not quite ready to get rid of our little pumpkins. Heck, we might even keep the pumpkins through Christmas. Do you know how long it takes uncut pumpkins to go bad? A really long time...back to fall crafting...
Here is my latest last minute fall project- a little painted wood sign. Doesn't satin ribbon make everything better? I've said it before and with Christmas coming I'm sure I'll say it a thousand times more. Satin ribbon is just fabulous.
Happy last minute fall crafting and upcoming Turkey Day!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Growing Turkey

Most everyone has seen or made a hand print or hand silhouette Turkey.
From tracing our hands on a piece of paper or chalkboard in elementary school and turning the thumb into the head, coloring the other fingers to be feathers, to creating these little masterpieces with our own little ones- we've all seen them or made them.
As I mom, I now see the problem with these sweet little crafts.
Babies grow up too fast.
We throw out pages and pages of school 'art work' a week, choosing just the most special to save for posterity (or until I go on my next purging quest!), but how do you throw away a craft with your child's tiny, precious hand print on it?!
Two years ago when Big Sister was a 2 years old and a brand new Big Sister, the two of us sat down at the dining room table (aka craft table, aka sewing table, aka holiday craft table- oh so happy to be in the desert oasis with separate tables for all these things!) and made a little hand silhouette turkey.
I carefully cut each hand as close to the correct size as possible (have you ever traced a busy, wiggly 2 yr old's hand? no small task!) and gave them to her to color, then she grabbed the glue stick and together we made a turkey.
Knowing I wanted to keep it, but not sure how, I glued it to a paper plate and stuck it in the 'fall decor' box.
This year when that box came out, I compared our now 2 yr old Little Sister's hand size to her Big Sister's 2 yr turkey and realized it's not looking so great.
Here's my solution:

Spool of gold satin ribbon- because a little satin ribbon makes EVERYTHING better, $4.99 sale square frame from Micheal's (plus an extra 25% off frame coupon), brown card stock and my little turkey's turkey.

I cut the chocolate brown card stock to size, took apart the frame and placed the paper in front of the glass since I wanted the 3D turkey to stand out. Then, using puffy poster tape, I took her little turkey off the paper plate and attached it to the card stock.

A little Gobble, Gobble, Gobble in white paint pen, hot glue for the fun satin bow and Viola! The perfect little Thanksgiving decoration!
**I made sure to pick up two of these frames- Little Sister needs to make one this year. Two turkeys for my two turkeys**
So now the problem- do we make one every year? Do we keep them all as our babies grow and we miss the tiny moments more and more? Do we plaster our house in hands? Where do you draw the line with crafts like this? What do you think?


If you are new to What I Wore Wednesday, here is a quick refresher...
Lindsey at the Pleated Poppy started her What I Wore Wednesday posts several months ago in an effort to change her habits of hanging out in pjs and softie pants all day. Just because she stays home to work and home school her kids, doesn't mean she can't be cute (seriously-she is too stinking cute, even IN her softies!). Since she started her WIWW link ups, over 100 women are putting themselves out there in blogland each week in an effort to share, inspire, and just be's my Week 10.
Wednesday-Preschool for Big Sister then laundry, laundry, laundry

Brown boat neck tee-Old Navy- pretty old
Black and Brown brindle sweater- Old Navy
Hey, look- no AE jeans! Boyfriend fit khakis- Gap clearance years ago with Fashionista
Brick red bow flats- Target
Thursday-Errands in town with the girls- including a Joann's stop- half off redline fabrics! and Gramm's treat of sending me shopping with her NY and Co card for upcoming December trip.

Gray long sleeved tee- Target
Dark gray ruffle soft jacket- NY and Co

Here it is unbuttoned- and blurry with my AE gray necklace
Friday-Preschool then playdate at home. Started out quite chilly, then warmed up in the afternoon. Morning:

Charcoal, cowl neck cozy sweater- NY and Co
Super duper dark skinny jeans- AE clearance- $16!
Chocolate brown boots- JC Penney, last year's black friday (anyone else so excited it's almost here!!??)
Little Sister- hiding behind Mommy

Red ruffle tank- new 'happy' from ShopGal
Heather shrug/mini cardi-Target
Saturday- Family time and lunch in town, then home to watch the end of the Georgia game and sew, sew, sew

Dark gray ruffle tank- American Eagle
Light gray sweater- NY and Co
Red beaded necklace and red bangle- Hmmm...pretty old, I don't remember
Sunday- Sorry for the bad lighting. I forgot to take a pic until the end of the day. Stayed home and played outside with the kids, cleaned, and worked in the garage with Breadwinner, then stayed up sewing, cutting, and knotting.

Georgia throwback sweatshirt- Cornelia, GA Walmart
White tank- Old Navy
Jeans- AE
Monday- You are only getting this horrible pic because I took it so I might as well post it. Please ignore the fact that I look like a linebacker. Babysitter for the kids, few last minute supplies in town and working all day on my brand new Etsy shop! then Monday Night Football hosting after 2 weeks off for sick family- oh, and do you like the growing pile of clean laundry I've neglected while trying to get this shop open?

Gray shirt with ruffle at collar- so much cuter than this picture shows- Ann Taylor Loft
Boyfriend fit crops- AE
Tuesday- after 3 nights in a row up until after midnight- the last 2 nights up until after 2:30am getting my FairlyFabulous open, we were running ridiculously late for Preschool today (20 minutes late for drop off/snack prep), but I was determined to look like I didn't roll out of bed, stumble into the shower, then stumble into the car, barely remembering my children...

Fabulous plaid, ruffle front top (which looks much cuter usually) - NY and Co last year
Skinny jeans- AE- all my other jeans were folded at the bottom of a basket of clean clothes
New favorite, absolutely amazing boots I blogged about over and over last week- ShopGal!

messy wet pony tail fixer-Orange crochet headband- Heatherlymade (I don't see this in her shop anymore, it's several years old, maybe we can convince her to make them again!)
This week is the official Grand Opening of my very own shop on Etsy! It's been months of prep but I'm excited it's finally open- I've even had a couple sales! YEAH! I know most of you just click over for WIWW each week, but I'd love for you to take a gander at my new 'baby'. You might even find something Fabulous you can't live without. *wink*
Thanks largely to you amazing WIWW women, my little blog recently broke 7,000 hits and 20 followers! With such great milestones I made an announcement you might have missed. When we get to 10,000 hits- there will be a GIVEAWAY....and when we have 30 followers there will be ANOTHER giveaway. We all love, giveaways, right? So keep on checking back to see what's new and be sure to follow me so you stay updated.
Thanks, ladies! And thanks, Pleated Poppy for helping out us little bloggers in the world!!
Keep the inspiration coming!

FairlyFabulous Grand Opening

It's Officially Grand Opening time at FairlyFabulous!

After months of research, praying, and creating- it's finally time to open the 'doors' to my very own Etsy shop!
Come on in and shop around!
There are new items being added every day this week so check back often to see the latest cutie creations for you, your little ones, and your home.
Oh- and be sure to grab my button for your blog (it's over there --------> in the side bar)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Creating Christmas

Is it really here already?
Christmas is such an amazing time of year. People reaching out to help others--donating toys, sponsoring needy children, serving's just magical!
The weather is cooler (in most areas) so everyone bundles up and snuggles in with their favorite blankets (and people)-it's just a happy time.
Combine that warm fuzzy feeling with the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you discover a familiar hand writing in your mailbox and there you find- the simplest Christmas treasure-Holiday cards!
Is there anything better than the simple pleasure of a Christmas card?
After an exhausting day of working, raising babies, or whatever makes you tick, opening that sterile box at the end of your drive to find colorful, sparkling treasures from friend old friends filled with photos and tales of the past year just brings a smile and tiny reminder of the fabulous season!
Can you tell I love Christmas cards? I do- I just love them!
Now plain old store bought cards with a signature are better than nothing, but I just love the personal touches of photos and letters or short recaps.
Shortly after Breadwinner and I got married, a friend introduced me to rubber stamping and there was no turning back. Each year for the last 5, I pulled out my favorite card stock, ink, and stamps to create our Christmas masterpiece for the year.
Last year, between packing, moving, and keeping up with two busy toddlers home made was not in the cards...(tee hee- in the cards)
Because I did not want to skip out on the tradition complete, I turned with a heavy heart to photo cards. WOW was I surprised! There are so many styles to choose from, it's easy to create a perfectly personalized photo Christmas card!
I've always been a fan of fabulous Shutterfly's photo books. They are so easy to create and make amazing gifts for our family so far away. I knew Shutterfly had photo cards, but had no idea how fabulous they are!
This year, it's a no brainer- with the already hectic holiday season, I'm heading straight to Shutterfly for our Christmas Cards.
Have you seen all their options?
Their folded cards are the complete package- with countless options for cutie backgrounds, zillions of pictures, and snipits of info- all you have to do is put a stamp on the envelope and mail them!

There are soo many fabulous colors and styles to choose from.
I love the styles with room for a huge picture.

Although, with the number of photos we take each year, the collage options are probably better for us.

I'm really drawn to the turquoisey blue with bits of bright red and green this year.
To make the already amazing cards even BETTER this year, Shutterfly is offering bloggers 50 FREE photo cards. Fabulous designs, easy creating options, AND FREE. Seriously? Bloggers go register for your 50 FREE cards and rush on over to Shutterfly to make your photo Christmas cards this year....and start looking for thost marvelous mailbox treasures!


Have you seen my side bar?

After over a year of contemplation, it's finally up and running!
A Fairly Fabulous Etsy shop with some fairly fabulous little creations.
There are tons of new items listed each day- be sure to check back often and get to holiday shopping!
Oh, and don't be shy....grab my button and share with your friends.
This is a pretty exciting (and nerve wracking) decision for me to start selling some of my creations. Be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you think.
What is your favorite Fairly Fabulous product?

Jack Robert

Tonight, My younger brother and sister in Law welcomed their first baby into the world after 26 long hours of labor. A few months ago I created this painted sign for his blue and brown, teddy bear nursery. Now seems the perfect time to share.
It was painted with chocolate brown oops paint, topped with a lovely blue oops paint, (sorry, I don't have the name) sanded to distress, then finished with the baby's name- Jack for his maternal Grandpa and Robert for his paternal Grandpa-and hung from chocolate and white polka dot organdy ribbon.
Welcome to the world, little Strawberry Blonde Jack!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

7,000 WOW

Thank you, ladies....and gentlemen I suppose.
Thank you for clicking on me week in and week out.
Today my tiny infant blog of 2 1/2 months reached SEVEN THOUSAND HITS! It looks like most of you come on over Wednesdays to check out what I came up with for the week in fashion so you probably won't see this post....but for those of you who check in every once in a while just to see what's new and whether or not I'm actually working out (which was the ORIGINAL purpose of this blog such a short time ago) I truly, truly appreciate you...and the ones who won't read this because they are only here on Wednesdays...I appreciate you, too!
Wow-that was one sentence....good thing you can make up the grammatical rules as you go along on your own blog....I digress....
I'm thinking Giveaway.
Isn't that what big time, fancy bloggers do?
When they reach milestones they have giveaways, right?
How about this...when I reach 30 followers, I'll have a giveaway. We are at 18 now for those of our viewers keeping track at home.
And just for fun- when we reach 10,000 hits I'll do another giveaway. Just because giveaways are so fun, aren't they?!
So....which will it be first? 30 followers? Or 10,000 hits?
Either way, I am humbled by the number of strangers, scratch that- friends commenting each week. You inspire me! (Speaking of scratch that- can someone teach me how to literally scratch that? You know, type with a line through a word? How do you crazy bloggers DO that?!)
Especially my first international comment- in German, no less- Thank GOD for Google Translator-from an Austrian reader. You made my day!!
You all make my day....and sometimes my night, too. wink.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


If you are new to What I Wore Wednesday, here is a quick refresher...
Lindsey at the Pleated Poppy started her What I Wore Wednesday posts several months ago in an effort to change her habits of hanging out in pjs and softie pants all day. Just because she stays home to work and home school her kids, doesn't mean she can't be cute (seriously-she is too stinking cute, even IN her softies!). Since she started her WIWW link ups, over 100 women are putting themselves out there in blogland each week in an effort to share, inspire, and just be's my Week 9.
This week starts off a little late.
Down with the flu Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday...then Big Sister started with the projectile sickness at both ends Thursday.
Friday-Everyone appeared to be among the living again so we took my brother to the Feline Conservatory and Tehachapi for sight seeing.

Teal tank- Old Navy
Fun, flowy, heather sweater- NY and Co
Red floppy sandals- NY and Co- super old, you've seen them before
Jeans- as usual, AE

Here's a close up of the cutie detail in the Old Navy top
Old brown wooden bracelet was the only accessory of the day
Saturday-College football at home in the morning, out to lunch and grocery shopping in the afternoon...followed by Big Sister getting sick again....after Friday night of little sleep- the worst of Big Sister's relapses in the flu that wouldn't go away.

Black tank- Old Navy
Khaki ruffle sleeve jacket-Express, a few years old
Red wooden bead necklace and black and white polka dot bangle rounded out the Gameday "Red and Black".

Another close up of the fun detail in the tank and ruffle in the jacket.
Sunday-Morning errands, then quick cleaning as we had a last minute house full of people for the afternoon and evening.

Brown shirt- Target
Jeans- AE

Super fun scarf I bought last Spring and hadn't worn yet- Old Navy
I used the wrap around and tie off loose ends method.

Before we left for errands it was chilly so I added this light brown ruffled cardigan from NY and Co. You like the mess in the background? Reality, friends. Reality. Also, I wore a tank under the brown shirt and looking at these pics, don't think I'll be doing that again. No me gusta.
Monday- Driving south to take my brother to the airport and a big drop in temperature. High of 62 for the day. In the 40's when we left.

Peach cardigan- NY and Co
Pink and White striped poplin-NY and Co
Ridiculously old jeans- AE
Mounds of dirty laundry- Ah, my battle

Here's a better close up of the detail in the new cardigan. It's sort of a heathery peach.
Pearls-Premiere Jewelry

Here's a slightly better pic of the outfit. The first picture looked so boxy

Fabulous, ruffled, Mustard maryjanes- Target clearance a few years ago.
Tuesday-Preschool and home playing. High today, 56. Still in the 30's when we left for school!

Navy tank- Old Navy
Kelly Green dress-Aeropostale
Gray flowy sweater- same as Friday
Skinny jeans- AE

Incredibly fabulous camel boots- Hand me down from ShopGal

Possibly the best hand me down ever!
Thanks for all the well wishes last week, ladies! We are so thrilled to be rid of this flu in our house! I thought I had it bad, but Big Sister definitely got the worst of it. Looking forward to the cooler days of Fall ahead. Sweater weather is my favorite. Happy Wednesday and thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

WIWW Week 8

Week 8-Wow, two months already?
You know the drill- inspired by Pleated Poppy, I'm making more of an effort each day in my attire.
Just because I stay home with my girls doesn't mean I have to look like I just rolled out of bed all day long.
Wednesday-Preschool and home with the girls

Breaking all the rules, I woke up and threw on clothes to take the girls to school. I did manage to shower first.
Red hoodie- Old Navy
Jeans- Super old American Eagle
Brown clogs- Beall's I think- they are also super old

Gray flower headband-Aerie clearance
When we got home I got a chance to actually 'get ready' for the day.

trying out a whole new look-
Green sweater- Old Navy
White tunic top- NY and Co
Gray leggings- Target
Brown boots- JC Penny last Black Friday
Animal print belt- Macy's
Thursday- Errands and play date with a friend

Blue shrug-Express, pulling from the bottom of the closet again
Charcoal tank- American Eagle
Jeans- American Eagle Boyfriend cut
Black flats- Target

fun feather clip- Sillasoup on Etsy

multicolored necklace-new from American Eagle (love clearance!)
Friday- Preschool, laundry and cleaning all day

G shirt- RedZone in Athens, GA
Jeans- Another pair of super old AE jeans
Black flats- again, super old Target
Saturday-Home to watch the Georgia/Florida football game

Sorry for the blurry pic
Black cowl neck shirt-NY and Co
Gray sweater- American Eagle
Red corduroy pants- American Eagle

here's another bad pic of the cowl neck
Sunday-Halloween with our friends in the old town

This photo was taken by Breadwinner at the end of the night- we were all exhausted and run down.
Fabulous new/hand me down boots- ShopGal
Skinny jeans-American Eagle
Cream, ruffle top- NY and Co, thanks Gramm
Charcoal ruffle soft jacket- NY and Co- again from Gramm
Orange crochet headband-Heatherly Made on Etsy

my silly friend said look- you were wearing cupcakes today. Her cute top came from Ann Taylor

Gray necklace- again with American Eagle clearance
Isn't this ruffle top so fun?
Monday and Tuesday- at home, oh so sick.
Getting enough energy together to do this post was the most I did all day Tuesday. Breadwinner even had to stay home to take care of the girls and pick my brother up from the airport. Not the best way to start his visit to the desert.