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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Today, I cried

Have you ever lost a child? Lost for a second when they ran away unnoticed, or lost for a lifetime-sent to heaven far too early?
I can't imagine the pain. I just can't. I think about it all the time. Would God give me the strength to carry on if one of my crazy monkeys wasn't here anymore? I know he would, but would I accept it? Would I hate him? Would I hate everyone?
Today I cried.
I thought about my high school friend, Sarah. (here's her story)
She didn't lose her son. He is alive, and well and gorgeous and growing- but he's doing it without her.
Sarah and her husband met their son after 10 years of trying to have a biological baby and 15 months with an international adoption agency. They flew to Russia and met their son 2 days after his second birthday. Charlie is perfect. Full of energy and adorable (though they can't show us pictures just yet). In March of this year they met their little man, and now they sit on the other side of the world....without him. Why? Well, in case you missed it- a few months back a not so nice Mommy sent her adopted son back to Russia- no deposit/no return. Because of this woman, all Russian-US adoptions have stopped until some agreement on how to handle future adoptions can be reached between the governments.
Today I cried.
Sarah's son has been taken from her. He sits in the orphanage where she first met him, healthy and well cared for...but he is not home.
I can't imagine Sarah's pain. Or her strength.
Will you pray for Sarah? Will you pray for her husband, Chad? Pray that God would continue to give them strength as they wait for their precious Mr to finally come home. Pray that the governmental leaders responsible for making these tough decisions would feel God's call to make this right. That they would feel the pain of Sarah and Chad and families like them- waiting with their babies so far from home. Will you pray for Charlie? Pray that he would remember his sweet parents. The parents he met for such a short time. Pray that he would feel their love and know they want him home more than anything on this earth.
Will you pray?
Today I cried.
I was reminded what sweet gifts I've been given and how much I take them for granted. Today I feel rejuvenated in my task of reminding my children (and myself) daily how precious our time is and how amazing is the Giver.
Thank you, Sarah for your example of strength, love, and faith.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

WIWW Week 3

Here it is...another What I Wore Wednesday.
You know the drill...attempting to make an effort in my daily dress. Just because I stay home, doesn't mean I have to be a slob. Afterall, most days we are not home. Micheal's, Lowe's, Joann's, Target...they call to us. ;) Linking up to the Pleated Poppy- the inspiration and creator of WIWW.
Wednesday-Sept 22nd
So disappointed. Little Sister and I went for a nice walk/jog combo. Cute workout clothes and forgot to take a picture before I jumped in the shower. Ugh. Imagine black workout tank, black yoga type pants and a teal long sleeved tee. I'm sure the outfit will come back on another cool morning this fall.
Back to school night at Big Sister's Pre-School and after nap errands.

There was a bizarre smear on the mirror right at my face. No, I didn't develop a crazy deformity in a week. Weird though.

Black long sleeved tee- Target
Charcoal hangy sleeveless sweatery thing (what the heck are these called?)- American Eagle
Distressed khaki crops- NY and Co
Necklace- Premiere Jewelry- gift from my mom (matching earrings behind the big curls)
Black flower headband- Aerie clearance
Fun Black and White polka dot bracelet- old I can't remember

Sweet kissing girl who looks like a little boy today- Little Sister

Thursday-At home play day

Tie Died shirt- American Eagle
White tank- Old Navy
Jeans-American Eagle
Pink polka dot rain boots- Target

Helpers in rain boots- All mine

Sweet smiles- Big Sister, wearing cute Carter's outfit from Gramm (and clearance pink Target rain boots)

Fabulous necklace- Natural Life

We decided rain boots make excellent foot attire for outside play on the new- finally assembled birthday swing set outside.
Fabulous pink and white polka dot boots- Target clearance
Friday- Preschool and at home play date

Brown tee- gift from ShopGal
Denim short- (no- I'm NOT a Gator Fan) American Eagle
Brown Belt-American Eagle
Red Shoes-NY and Co years ago, longest lasting shoes

Cutsy pumpkin colored crochet flower headband- gift from ShopGal- heatherlymade on etsy

close up of the tee, guess today was ShopGal day
Saturday-Georgia GameDay and errands around town

Black top-Ann Taylor Loft
Red Sash- from a pair of clearance shorts at NY and Co years ago- so much better with the black top
Denim skirt- Hand me down from a friend- love hand me downs
Cutie red beads- same from last week
Red rhinestone ring- can't remember- love found treasures in my jewelry boxes!
Silver bracelet- Bulldog bracelet from a great shop in Five Points- Athens, GA when I was in college
Black flip flops- NY and Co

Peek-a-boo helper, Love my daily helpers

Little Sister's outfit- Georgia squeaks- ShopGal, Pink skirt- Carter's outlet, Elmo G shirt- ShopGal hand me down- Georgia Walmart, I think.
Sunday- House cleaning, NFL Football at home and Mommy errands sans kids- Joann's, Target, don't judge. This is a TERRIBLE photo. Breadwinner took it for me when I realized the day was over and I hadn't taken a photo. With no more day light and flash doing horrible things with a mirror I didn't have much choice.

Navy top- much cuter than it looks here- American Eagle
Navy tank under rhinestone embellished top- American Eagle
Khaki short Breadwinner says he doesn't like- American Eagle
Fabulous pink headband- Anthropologie- I watched and watched until it went to $9.95 clearance- incredible for Antrho
Big Sister's glow in the dark pink skeleton pjs- Carter's Outlet
Little Sister's mismatched pjs- Last year's Children's Place Halloween top, silky Carter's pj bottoms
Monday- Hanging out at home, house work, playing, prepping food for Monday Night Football

Brown capris- NY and Co
Top- NY and Co clearance last year
changed to a cuter top for friends/Breadwinner's co-workers coming over for Football dinner

white tank-Old Navy
sandy tank and fun scarf- Old Navy- gift from Fashionista friend
this was my first attempt at wearing a scarf I've had since May. What do you think? Did I pull it off?

Cute dangle earrings- NY and Co
Red shoes- NY and Co
Dirty mirror- yikes

such cute helpers
Tuesday- Preschool then crafts and playing at home

khaki crops- NY and Co
Brown top- NY and Co
Not a terrible week, but only one day of running- not exactly helping the clothes fit better.
Oh, and we are in a crazy heat wave. Three digit temperatures Sunday, Monday, Tuesday- should continue through this weekend. Fall is here, then gone, then here...gone.

Owl keep on Trying to Create

It's no big secret owls are super trendy right now.
You can't browse through a home decor store, children's clothing department, or etsy shop without running into a few wide eyed friends.
The girls new big girl room base decor is the fun pink owl bedding collection from Target.
Since there are so many cute (and incredibly expensive!) stuffed owls out there, I decided to try my hand (and sewing machine) at making a few of my own.

Here are the first three additions to our crafty family.

Their eyes are made from soft wool felt my quilting Aunt gave me last fall. They are hand cut and stitched to the fabric. The beak is cut and sewn from regular crafting felt.

The cute owl fabric is one of a few fall-y fabrics I picked up this weekend with this (and of course a few other) fall craft(s) in mind. I folded my fabric in half and drew out half an owl type shape, then unfolded it to decide if I liked it. After a little tweeking, I had these three different sizes/shapes. Each owl is made from two pieces of fabric, machine sewn right sides together, then pulled inside out and stuffed like little pillows. The bottom opening is hand stitched closed. Do you like them?
As usual, I learned quite a bit from this first batch. While I decide what to do with them, the girls are enjoying carrying their new wide eyed 'babies' all over the house!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Show Us Your Life- Master Bedrooms

Heather over at Life as we know it with Two Twinkies and a Tater Tot introduced me to Show Us Your Life: Home Tours at Kelly's Korner. So many people ask me how I stumble on all the great crafting, sewing, creative, decorating, mommy blogs I draw inspiration from...well this is it! A friend or fellow blogger posts something fabulous, or links to someone else, who links to someone else...well, you get the idea. So many talented women out there in blogland!
Ok, back to the post. Since I keep saying I need to do a room by room tour of our fun desert rental, I figured the Master Bedroom was a great place to start.
I have lots of work to do, but here is a small peek.
My nightstand. The furniture is wow- almost 11 years old. That's kind of strange to think I'm old enough to have 'grown up' furniture I personally purchased that is almost 11 years old. Hmmph. That being said, I'm dying to refinish it. That's on the project list. So look forward to that one in the coming months. One of my Best Friends gave me the suggestion to use placemats as extra decor on a less than desirable furniture top.

This little textured beauty came from Pier One for $.47! It has a small tear in the fabric that can't be seen when the placemat is lying flat. Such a fun find! The blue candle holder is Pier One clearance, too. The beautiful beaded cross is a wedding gift from ShopGal that sort of landed on my nightstand for now. The photo is of my husand on our Hawaiian honeymoon. The alarm clock full of dust never gets used anymore, thanks to my 2 and 4 yr old alarm clocks, but the digital clock is nice in the middle of the night!

The turquoisey waffle blanket at the end of our bed came from Target. King sized on clearance for $9! It will be more than decorative come winter. Brrr...

The blue shelf was a piece of wood from my stash, painted brown, then blue oops paint (oh how I love oops paint! so cheap, and often, so fabulous!), then lots of sanding to distress, mounted on decorative brackets and hung on the big empty wall.

For now there are a few wedding photos just hanging out until I decide what's really going there. Oh, and the large wedding photo- it was in a shiny metal frame that I never really liked. Thank you oil rubbed bronze spray paint- now it is a gem!

The bedroom started to come together when I found this decorative hook at Pier One a few months back, the same time I stumbled on my night stand treasures. It was my first trip to Pier One in years and boy did I hit the jackpot!
The rest of my bedroom clearance finds, random treasures, oldies to be re-done, and random pieces currently sit on the floor awaiting inspiration.

If I put them back in the hall closet, the room may never get finished! For now, they sit out as a daily reminder of the last room in the house that needs attention!

My huge dresser sits out in our room. Breadwinner's is in the giant walk in closet. It acts as his morning dressing room so he doesn't wake me at the unGodly, before the sun even thinks about getting up hour he leaves for work. The hand blown turquoise vases came from IKEA. The photo is my favorite 'family' pic. A self portrait we did in my last week of pregnancy with Big Sister.

The incredible mirror that sits atop my dresser was a gifted treasure from a friend. He found the old framed mirror in a garage at his family home. For years I talked about restaining or painting it. Now, the more I look at the weathered mirror and frame the more I love it! Very Anthropologie...wayyyy too heavy to hang.

The little wooden cross was a gift from my grandparents years ago from a trip they took to Egypt and Jeruselum.
Oh, and our headboard

You remember our headboard, right? The basic chocolate brown and white bedding came from Kohl's. I knew it would be the perfect base to whatever color scheme we decided to go with...or change every few years as I like to do. The green, blue, and patterned pillows came from Target- 50% off clearance. Oh, how I love the big red bullseye!
For now, just about the only thing 'complete' about our room is the bed wall. Although the monogram is crooked in this photo, and the curtain rod needs to be re-hung, this is the base for the rest of our room. If it gets finished before we have to move again, you'll be the first to know. ;)


Remember the monogram I told you I was working on?
You know, the one ShopGal made and inspired me with?
There was a small sneak peak when I finished our last name initial was complete.

Well, now the entire thing is complete, leveled and hung above the new headboard.

In these photos the letters look a little crooked, but I straightened the S afterward and never went back for a new pic.
What do you think? The Master Bedroom is really coming together.
When we moved into the house all the windows had coverings except the girls room. Knowing this before we moved helped us purge lots of our old curtains (including the ones I made for Big Sister's nursery-kind of sad to part with, but they went to some missionaries who just returned from Papua New Guinea, so I knew they had a great new home!) The burlappy, roman shades of the home owners are neutral enough for any decor. The rod on Breadwinner's side has been sagging since we moved in- maybe before we move we will make it a priority to re-hang that.
More Master pics to come. For you enjoy the view of my bed as much as I do? It's my new laptop, desktop photo. Now I can see it from every room in the house! ;)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Fabric Deals

There are no fabric stores in our new town.
The closest one (ok, only one nearby) is Joann's, 30 miles away.
While I love incredible designers like Heather Bailey, I also love a great deal.
It's tough to beat 50% off redline fabrics at Joann's- add to that, an additional 50% off end of bolts....

Call me a sucker!

A few weeks ago I stumbled on tons of fabrics I couldn't resist. Not exactly sure what I will do with most of them, but with all my new sewing adventures, I'm sure it won't be long before they are gone.
Lucky for me, I procrastinated on a finishing up a project (nothing new for me!) and found the exact fabric a friend of mine used for her daughter's nursery! Yep, she's amazing with the sewing machine and made all of her daughter's crib bedding, window coverings, and even recovered her glider and ottoman. I planned to use a coordinating fabric for the project I was working on before we moved, but kind of forgot when we packed up for the desert. Lucky for me, procrastination paid off when I found their exact fabric for $1.50/yard! I got more than enough for the project and extra for me. (it's the bottom checked fabric in the pile)

On this trip I came home with 13.944 yards of fabric for just under $25!
Which fabric is your favorite?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday-WIWW week 2

Here we are, week 2 of my What I Wore Wednesday.
Lindsey over at The Pleated Poppy started documenting her daily outfits in an effort to- well, make an effort. When my best friend, Fabulous ShopGal suggested I link up (after listening to me complain about my own lack of cuteness every day), I decided what the heck.
This is becoming a test in how to self photograph. I'll apologize in advance this week for the photos.
Thursday-Little Sister's early morning well baby check up 90 miles south (in traffic) to our old city, then visiting with friends all day. Didn't have time to take a pic before we left and it was well past sundown when we got home. Laundry room lighting- not so great.

White top: clearance American Eagle (love what the flowy tops do to hide the post baby belly-2 yrs later!)
Jeans: clearance American Eagle $9
Belt: American Eagle, at least 7 yrs old (yes, you are noticing a pattern)
Gold shrug: New York and Co 2 yrs ago- should have bought it in every color. It's fabulous!!
Shoes: yes, the pink ones from Target $3.24!

Necklace: birthday gift from World Market (did you know they had jewelry? me neither!)

Since you couldn't see my bracelets or the detail in anything I took a quick pic the next morning.
Wooden bracelet: gift
Coral bracelet: NY and Co last year
Friday-Big Sister school, play date at our house

Brown shirt: American Eagle
Belt: American Eagle (I have 3 different brown belts from AE-they get better with age-love their clearance!)
Denim crops: yep, you guessed it- AE
Shoes: Same cute pink ones
on the way home from school we picked up the mail and found some happies from ShopGal including a fabulous new Natural Life necklace for me!

Big Sister sat at my feet while I tried to take these pics.
Here's what she wore Friday- love Carter's outlet!

Saturday- Georgia Gameday then dinner with friends
Today's pics were taken in the kitchen by the back door. Looking for better light late day and got a bonus- Georgia wall decor to add to the game day flair ;)

Gray shirt- American Eagle- oops, forgot to suck in the tummy- keeping it real.
Jeans- AE clearance $6 with extra % off - awesome catch! same pair from Thursday-I did a little laundry.
Black shrug- Belk in FL when my spaghetti strap dress wasn't going to do the trick for a breezy outdoor sunset wedding

Little button clip- Gift from ShopGal

Red beaded necklace- gift from ShopGal's Shop
Fun button mushroom pin- gift from ShopGal

Shoes- NY and Co- some of my faves from years and years ago.
Why do my feet always look so crazy in pictures? Hey- at least my toes were painted, that's rare.
Sunday- Hour and a half drive to try on and order bridesmaid dress for my soon to not be single best friend, CampGal.

Curled the hair, remembered to put on lip gloss. The Breadwinner said I looked hot. That felt good.
Strapless top: AE $3 clearance. Just enough blousiness to disguise the belly
Jeans: AE- love their jeans

Green shoes: fun shop in GA two months ago-the color is so weird in this photo- the shoes are actually olive colored
Bracelet: had it so long I don't remember
Necklace and Earrings: Purchased from ShopGal's fabulous Shop!! Again with the weird color. The earrings are turquoise and red, the necklace is amber, cream, red, turquoise and blue.
Monday- sanded, painted, stained, hot glued, cleaned- it wasn't pretty. you don't want a picture. plus I didn't take one! I did manage to clean up and put some jeans and a decent top on before 15 of our friends and Breadwinner's co-workers showed up for Monday Night Football.
Tuesday- Big Sister's school day, then playing at home

Denim shorts: AE summer sale
White tank: Old Navy
Flowy top: AE mega clearance
no shoes needed to hang out at home- see these crazy bird legs? yep, the thighs keep growing but my lower legs are so chicken-like. We all have our weird body parts!