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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Week 3, Day 1

Today I jogged for 20 minutes non-stop. It felt great!
My mind kept saying, "OK-you can walk for a little while now", but my legs said- "Shoot, NO- keep going!". The incline at the end was the toughest. Whew!
The 80 degree morning certainly helped my motivation!
After a short 7 minute cool down walk I loaded Little Sister into the car and drove home where I decided this tummy needed some extra help.
3 sets of 25 traditional crunches and 2 sets of 25 side crunches left and right.
Next leg lifts, I guess that's what they are called. 2 sets of 25 on each side.
Little Sister thought I was making a bridge for her so she crawled under me back and forth for a while, then stopped next to me on all fours and started lifting her leg, too.
All and all, I'd say it's a great start to the day!

Saturday, August 28, 2010


It's Saturday night at 10:49pm.
Breadwinner worked from 6am-4pm today.
I had Big Sister and Little Sister all day, running errands. Some of them not exactly kid friendly errands, ie opening a new account at a local bank that mailed us a free-$100-just-for-opening-a-new-account-card. The girls were wild ALL DAY long.
Little Sister ran in and out of the bank employee's cubicle while we were setting up the new account, despite the snack and crayons she had to keep her occupied. Big Sister wasn't about to let Little Sister have all the fun, so she soon joined in the mischief.
That was just one of the stops.
*Side note*We did manage to pick up two new running tank tops with built in bras, and two new sports bras on clearance at Target. Unfortunately, when we got home I realized only two of my purchases actually fit. That's ok. Until today, I only had one sports bra to work out-it's been seeing lots of washer/dryer time.*
Big Sister recently started the, "I don't WANT to...."s. Any mother of a pre-school aged child knows what I'm talking about. All day, every day- I don't WANT to eat breakfast, I don't WANT to share my toys, I don't WANT to wear that outfit, I don't WANT to brush my get the idea. This followed by, "That's MINE!" was enough to break me today.
Tonight we set a new rule. Every time Big Sister says 'I don't WANT....' or uses her 'mean girl' voice she has a toy taken away. I'm fairly confident the child has absolutely no understanding of truly desiring something as she's never had to wait more than a day or two to get something she wants. In fact, most toys/games/movies/stuffed animals, she never has to 'want' or long for- she get's them before she even knew she wanted them!
This is my fault. No boundaries. Not to say we always say Yes. Because we don't. Not that you can tell by the amount of toys, books, clothes, just stuff our girls have.
Tonight it hit me. Our kids are selfish and greedy and it's all my fault.
Don't get me wrong- they don't throw fits in stores when I say 'not today' or 'that has to stay at the store'. They do pout sometimes, and I realize their behavior could be much worse.
Much like the realization I made with my body/work-out routine, when it comes to our children and the choices we make-it's time to change some things.
At bed time tonight we talked about kids who don't have any toys, or special animals to sleep with, or beds to sleep in, or special clothes to wear, or even Mommies or Daddies. At first Big Sister asked if they live in big houses by themselves without any grown ups like that was the coolest thing ever. After explaining a littler further what I meant, her excitement turned to confusion. How can someone live without stuffed animals, or a bed, or a Mommy? The lightbulb is starting to flicker in her little head.
Then we cleaned all the baby dolls and animals out of their beds and each girl picked one special item to snuggle.
After they fell asleep I packed up all the remaining animals/babies in their rooms into trash bags and hid them for now. They will get their special toys back, but not until after we all start to remember how fortunate we are and stop taking our blessings for granted.
Now, as I type in bed, Breadwinner is next to me in a deep, deep sleep...snoring. He's had a long week. Outside, the sounds of race cars zooming around the track 15 miles from here echos off the mountains. The jazzy lullabies the girls listen to all night is softly seeping out of their room.
It's late, it's been a long week, and tomorrow is Day One of a new 'era' here.
Counting our blessings daily, remembering to be thankful and not take for granted where we are today, and having patience...lots and lots of patience.

Week 2, Day 3

Today a friend wanted to join our morning routine.
I'm not sure how serious she took our new routine when we arrived at her doorstep and found her in flip flops. After a quick foot wear change we were off- her Pre-Schooler, Big Sister's friend, in tow. 2 minutes of puppy sounds and faces to match sent us back to the house to load said Pre-Schooler into her own stroller.
Now we were serious. Quick walking and not much jogging...but lots of talking....filled the next 45 minutes.
The weather is changing. High only in the mid 90's today.
Praise God for the small break in heat.
Today I felt less like an abusive parent with Little Sister happily munching on her snack, virtually free of sweat. Though she is always covered in sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses with a big sippie of water, this heat is not comfortable. She never seems to mind, though.
She spent most of the 45 minutes craning her head around the corner of her umbrella stroller in an effort to see her Big Sister's friend.
Feeling great today and looking forward to more toning focus this weekend...and more crafts!
Just finished 3 more crayon rolls to mail east, as well as 2 other surprises.
Pics to come tomorrow.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Blog Hopping

One of my favorite blogs to visit is Fingerprints on the Fridge.
Not because I was featured (Did I mention I was FEATURED? Not excited at all about this), but because so many fabulously creative women link up to her blog every Friday to share their latest creations, ideas, loves, etc.
It's a great way to add 'to-do's to my ever growing list of wishes and projects.
Tonight I happened on a blogger, who happened on a blogger.
I couldn't help but share.
Since this blog is brand spanking new and I haven't told many people about it, I'm pretty much just sharing this with myself. But self, when you look back and see
Does it get any cuter? Really?

First, How does she get this child to fall asleep anywhere? **Just read the FAQ- turns out her marvelous baby falls asleep in her bed and stays asleep for a brief move to her 'scene' and back to bed. Dream baby!**
Second, How stinking creative is she that she sees makes all this with laundry and everyday items?
Third, When can I have another Little Sister so I can harness a tiny bit of this adorableness?! (yes, I'm pretty sure I made that word up, it's my blog, I'm allowed..and yes, I'm talking about a third child....longing)

Middle of the Night Treasures

It's 1:43am on Friday.
I'm awake (in case you didn't notice!)
Tonight I tried something a little different....tired at 9pm, go to bed instead of staying up working on projects and checking all my favorite crafty blogs for new things to add to my 'to-do' list. Long about 10pm I finally fell asleep.
It takes Breadwinner 2 seconds to fall asleep, me...not so much.
Long about 12:15am, Little Sister woke up yelling as though she was lost "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!".
After a short rock she was back to sleep, me....not so much.
Now an hour and a half later, I gave up tossing and turning and here I am, hanging out with my trusty Mac.
Since it's Friday now, I checked in with Fingerprints on the Fridge, and guess what?!
Shut your mouth- I KNOW!
Turns out, she L-O-V-E-S the girls' birthday Mickey Ears.
Oh, I couldn't be more giggly.
Let's just hope I don't wake Little Sister with all my giddiness.
Is that a word? Ah, so giddy!
Check it out!
I may just have to add a featured button to my sidebar now.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Week 2, Day 2

40 minutes today.
Jogging/Walking combo just as recommended.
Pushing Little Sister.
Breadwinner is deep in flight testing time, so no measurements on my routes yet.
Maybe this weekend?
Stepped on the scale today at my usual time. Great news!
138.4 lbs!!
Everyday around the same time, I step on the scale. Thus far, the number is consistently lower than my original 142, (though not consistently less and less every day!)
Let's hope it continues to go down.
Yesterday I also threw in traditional and side crunches for extra tummy emphasis.
None today.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day Nine?

Here it is.
Tuesday, one week later.
I took the week off.
Not much of a start to a new workout plan.
Today Little Sister and I completed day one of the second week of the Couch to 5k plan.
30 minutes. Alternating jogging and walking.
It was good.
It was also 101 degrees.
Tomorrow, we go again.
Hello, week 2.
Good to see you again.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Birthday Ears **upated**

August is a big month in our house.
Big Sister made her grand entrance August 16, 2006- Breadwinner's birthday.
Two years later, much to the chagrin of the those placing bets- Little Sister failed to solidify the family Tri-fecta and waited until August 19 to forge her way into the world.
None the less, a busy week in our household with three birthdays within three days.
Last year we took advantage of the 'free on your birthday' campaign Disney so graciously offered and headed south to Disneyland to celebrate in style-free of charge (thanks to Mommy's amazing Aunt who hooked us up with a pass to cover Mommy's entrance fee).
No way was I going to let these birthday girls celebrate without flare, so I fashioned birthday hat accessories for their existing Mickey Ears.

These little cuties were the talk of the town that day! Even Cinderella herself commented on how lovely their hats were and how much Aurora would love the pink color if she were there!
This year we are headed back down to celebrate another year.
The birthday hats were long since removed from their ears, but still available to swap out digits if need be.
In true crazy Mommy form, I created brand new ones. (I have big plans for last year's models).
Last night around midnight the glitter lay drying and despite poor lighting I had to take a photo.

When dawn broke and glue and glitter were dry, Little Sister's ears made it outside for a short photo shoot. (Big Sister wouldn't take hers off!)

After making two half moons (one for each hat) with my stiff felt ($.49 clearance at Michael's), I stretched the pink polka dot fabric over each cone, hot glued in place. Then hot glued white fuzz around the base and top. Cut a 2 and 4 out of black stiff felt, filled the center of each with fuchsia glitter glue. Then waited for everything to dry and attached with hot glue to the top of their Ears.

I loved last year's, but these new party hats really take the cake (pun intended)
Which do you prefer?
**Here is Big Sister in action- the birthday girl herself, in her birthday Mickey Ears, note the '4'**

I linked up for my first Feature Yourself Friday:

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Swam this morning in the hotel pool with the girls.
Mostly it was just walking back and forth across the pool, alternating passengers- Big Sister, Little Sister, Big Sister, Little Sister.
Not much exercise- but lots of fun.
Drove home today.
Catching up on trip laundry, unpacking, and unwinding.
Day off!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Day Seven

Disneyland Day.
After some serious attempts to rid my head of pain and pressure with any/every OTC drug in Breadwinner's traveling arsenal, a huge breakfast full (again of major calories) we were off to the park. The newly purchased, still not calibrated pedometer reset somewhere in the middle of the day. Before we trucked back to the hotel for afternoon naps we racked up 3 walking miles (.5 huffing it to make it to the park quickly AND pushing a double stroller full of over 50 lbs of Big Sister and Little Sister.) We discovered the re-set when we got back to the hotel and it was only reading 1 mile. Hmm...Considering the half mile walk back to Disneyland, then back to the hotel for the night, along with all evening strolling from character to character, ride to ride...I'm guessing 5-6miles of walking? At least 2 miles of it was hard work. Including nearly a half mile of running since I left my cell phone in the hotel and had to run to catch back up with the fam.
So much for a day off!
My legs are sore today- all this walking is really catching up with my muscles...but all this fatty vacation food is counteracting my progress in the weight and inches department.
I'm thinking I may need to skip this week's weight and inches progress report...


Day 7- Not the greatest start to my day. Woke up at 5am with excruciating pain behind my eyes. Reminiscent of labor pains. Rolling my eyes around, moving my head...pain.
Wish me luck today!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day Six

Day 6- Day off
No couch 2 5k today. Instead?
Stripped every bed in the house, washed all sheets, re-made all beds, washed all remaining laundry in Big Sister/Little Sister’s hamper, Mommy/Breadwinner’s hamper, packed all (but Breadwinner) clothes for trips, gathered snacks, drinks, toys, treats, packed car, vacuumed entire house, swept and swiffered all hardwoods, three stops en route (Breadwinner’s errands), 2 plus hour car ride to our final destination....Anaheim, CA. Checked in, settled...slightly, down the elevator and walked to Downtown Disney Anaheim where I consumed more calories at Rainforest Cafe than 10 weeks of Couch 2 5k can rid! Luckily, we walked there and back....I pushed the stroller on the way there. Thanks to the semi-accurate, non-calibrated pedometer, I’m happy to report 2.34 miles of hard walking today.
Day off....scratch that!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day Five

Day 5- Day off...if you can call it that.
In great anticipation of our Disneyland birthday trip, Mommy got a haircut- nothing special, just a trip. Oh, but what a great cut it is! Such a difference.
A leisurely haircut, followed by frantic crafting, creating, and cleaning. My favorite 3 c’s.
No doubt the next two days will more than make up for this scheduled day off.

Crayon Roll- Take One

The Pleated Poppy has an awesome tutorial for a crayon roll up.
Since the day I saw it, I thought, "I can totally make that!".
After choosing fabrics from my scraps and getting the fleece I needed, I was more anxious than ever to start the project.
Last night after wrapping up the Ears, I cut the pieces for my crayon roll according to the directions Pleated Poppy provided, pressed all the pieces, and got to sewing.

Again, late at night with bad lighting in my craft room.
After jamming the sewing machine twice attempting to sew over a much-too-large-for-the-project hair tie, I was determined to see it through before hitting the hay!
At 2am, I completed my less than perfect first attempt at making my own crayon roll.

I think it's pretty cute.

And it works, so fact that it is wider on one end than the other and squiggly in the middle doesn't really matter...

*Oh, and No, those are not Crayolas. I know, I know, Crayolas are the best crayons in the world, but these are super cool Toy Story crayons that will be perfect for our upcoming Disneyland birthday trip.*

Last Night

Last night I sat down and started my list of all the little details left to be completed before we take off for the 2nd annual Disneyland Birthday Bash for Big Sister, Little Sister, and the Breadwinner.
The girls went down for bed, the Breadwinner and I finished up our netflix rental for the night (FINALLY a chick flick- When in Rome) while I finished up my list.
It was a beautiful list. So perfect, in fact, I couldn't wait to get started.
When the movie was over, Breadwinner made his way to bed and I made my way to the craft room (aka the Surprise Room), plugged in the hot glue gun, fired up the sewing machine and got to work. I jammed the machine TWICE working on my second project, but was determined to see it completed before my head hit the pillow for the night.
By 2am I was nestled all snug in my bed, visions of the next day's craft projects running through my head...oh, and two finished projects sitting beautifully on my craft table. Wanna see them?
I know you do. Next post.
This morning I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed (ok, not true- Mama is NOT a morning person!) ready to get cracking on the rest of my list, only to find- the lost.
I've searched high and low and it is nowhere in sight. Now that the kids are down for their naps (as is Breadwinner) I'm making one last ditch effort to search out the missing list.
Wish me luck!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Day Four

Did I mention yesterday I had pain in my shoulders and chest?
Well, I did. The pain in my shoulders was definitely due to bad form. This used to happen often. Relax, don't run with so much tension in your shoulders...I know, I know.
The chest- that was breathing related. Breathing is never something I've struggled with, so this was a bit surprising. The Breadwinner was home sick Tuesday and complained of pain when breathing, so I chalked up my pain to catching whatever weird flu bug he had.
This morning Big Sister at school, Little Sister in stroller we started our routine.
Jogging didn't feel so great and breathing hurt again.
So, I decided this couch 2 5k program is designed with lots of walking for a reason...I should probably stop being stubborn and listen.
I walked 99% of the time today.
Pushing the stroller seemed enough of a challenge today.
We did extend our route though and briskly walk for 60 minutes!
Down Felsite to 35th, south on 35th to Rosamond Blvd, back up 35th to Felsite, back to 30th, down 30th to R Blvd again, back up to Felsite again and back to school.
Again, need to get Breadwinner to measure the route.
Today Little Sister laughed, played and told me all about everything we saw, including the 'Big Tactor!' at the construction site we cruise past each day. She eventually fell silent as the vibration of the stroller was too much for her to fight- nice little cat nap. Unfortunately for Mama, Little Sister woke up during the slow stroll of the cool down and wanted OUT! Her screams echoed back and forth between the houses until we finally reached the parking lot. Thank God for the 100 Calorie Chips Ahoy packs I stash in the car in case of emergency.
The little pack kept her content until we reached the driveway at home.
Week one complete and I'm already feeling great!
Minus the whole breathing thing.
Gotta figure that one out.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day Three

As my friend, Heidi reminded me...even Mama's need to rest.
Not exactly following the recommended day on, day off plan.
Day three=day off. Completely off. No walking, no running, no crunches, just errands, play time, resting...oh and meteors tonight. So beautiful!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 2

Today is Day 2 of my new Couch 2 5k -esque workout regimen.
After dropping Big Sister off at school, I strapped Little Sister into the old trusty single umbrella stroller and got to work.
Up the small hill in the pre-school parking lot, we took a similar route to day one. This time we started off with a brisk walk to warm up, then kept a steady slow jog pace for several minutes before walking. Today we opted for a slightly longer route- Felsite to 35th, then made a u-turn headed back to 30th. Just as yesterday we went south on 30th to Rosamond Blvd, then looped back up 30th to Felsite and back to school.
We were gone 45 minutes start to finish and jogged much more than walked.
Can't wait to have the Breadwinner measure out the route in Google Earth.

Day One

This whole project began yesterday.
As a former runner, whenever I start to feel unhappy about my physical appearance or health, running is the first thing that comes to mind...well and crunches. When I was in high school I was crazy. I used to do 200-300 crunches a day. Morning and night. Crazy.
In April, just before my 30th birthday, Breadwinner agreed to get a Wii and the Wii Fit Plus program.
Naturally, the running aerobic option appealed to me.
Have you ever tried running around your living room while your children are napping?
It's better than running in place, but still quite ridiculous.
Not downing the Wii. It's still great for yoga, boxing, balance- just not running.
After reading about the couch 2 5k program, and talking to one of my best friend's about it...I decided to go for it.
Tuesday was day one for me. We live on a dirt road so getting up and pushing the girls around in a stroller is just not an option. Big Sister goes to school three days a week and the program calls for three days of workout. Perfect. We dropped Big Sister in class, dusted off the single umbrella stroller, strapped Little Sister in and went to work.
Up the parking lot incline, headed west on Felsite, down to 30th, south on 30th to Rosamond Blvd, back up 30th and back to school. About half walking, half jogging. Not exactly what the program calls for- but I've always been stubborn! 25 minutes today. So far so good.
Oh- and salad for lunch.

This is who I am

My name is Meagan and I am a stay at home mom of two lovely little blessings, Big Sister and Little Sister. Last fall my husband, the Breadwinner was asked to be part of a the test team for an amazing project his company was working on. He gladly accepted and we began the hunt for our temporary home in the desert.
In January we found perfection, signed our lease, packed the house and here we are. Sunny, dry, windy, Southern California desert. Since February our lives have been a blur. Big Sister started a preschool program with a brand new school in the area. Little Sister went from a busy new toddler to a talking, yelling, ruling the roost quick on the feet wild woman. The Breadwinner spends countless hours weekdays and many weekends, from the wee small hours of the morning well past the setting of the sun, tending to his new 'baby', the aircraft he is helping flight test. This makes for a busy Mama attempting to make the amazing bones of our rental house a beautiful home while keeping up with laundry, wrangling and entertaining the busy toddlers, squeezing in some sanity crafting, decor and sewing projects and attempting to find a little time to stay healthy.
Since arriving in the desert we are eating more, exercising less and boy do our bodies show it! Five extra pounds quickly turned to 10 and now 15. While 15 pounds may not sound like much, we all know how easy that number can double....or triple! No mother of two small children should be winded after walking through Target carrying a two year old. It's just not practical....well, neither is walking through Target carrying a two year old, but that's another story all together.
This is my quest to lose the extra weight, trim the extra inches and gain back the confidence I once had in my bikini! While the battle scars of two pregnancies may prevent me from donning a two piece again, the fact that I carried both my pregnancies in my thighs can't be an excuse until they are in college!
Time to get brutally honest.
Starting weight- 142 lbs.
Flubby belly measurement- 33 inches.
Chunky thigh measurement- 23 inches.
Goal weight- A healthy 127 lbs.
Flat(ter) tummy that doesn't raise suspicion..."Is she pregnant? Or just flubby?" and 'handles' that are a bit less loveable- if you catch my drift. Fall is fast approaching and nobody likes jeans spillover.
Thighs that don't rub together, and no more saddlebags....
and hey- maybe I'll even run a 5k when all is said and done.