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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

WIWW-Short Week

If you are new to What I Wore Wednesday, here is a quick refresher...
Lindsey at the Pleated Poppy started her What I Wore Wednesday posts several months ago in an effort to change her habits of hanging out in pjs and softie pants all day. Just because she stays home to work and home school her kids, doesn't mean she can't be cute (seriously-she is too stinking cute, even IN her softies!). Since she started her WIWW link ups, over 100 women are putting themselves out there in blogland each week in an effort to share, inspire, and just be's my Week 15. If WIWW were a pregnancy, I'd be well past the nausia and into the lovely 2nd trimester-best part! Such expectation.
On with the goods-
Wednesday-Preschool snack, cleaning, crafting, and in the evening- Preschool Christmas Program

Blue long sleeved tee- Old Navy
Plum skinny belt- NY and Co
Gray drappey sweater- NY and Co
Jeans- American Eagle

no make-up and still not showered after dropped Big Sister off at school (and picking her up!)-ah, when will Christmas be over....
multi-colored beaded necklace- American Eagle
last night's leftover make-up-isn't this why we all started doing wiww with Lindsey in the first place? *sigh*

mustard ruffle flats-Target clearance. best-find-ev-er! (seriously-EV-er)
After I showered and the kids napped, it was time for the school Christmas Program

Cutie Breadwinner, Big Sister (the angel-now that's a stretch!), Little Sister (the lamb- ha! if only), and me-the mama

Striped long sleeved, button down- NY and Co
Peachy sweater- NY and CO
Jeans- AE, of course
Fun camel colored open toed shoes- hmmm...good question
Make-up- Last year's Bare Mineral's Christmas special box collection- fabulous!

Cute peachy cardi and bauble necklace both from NY and Co

As is the fun bracelet
Thursday-Steam cleaning the living room carpets, shop orders, playing with the girls. No pic, which likely means too busy to stop and think about taking a picture. I'm sure my outfit was incredibly exciting, but that was 5 days ago- do you really think I can remember that far back?
Friday-Preschool pj day, in town errands with Little Sister, more cleaning and Christmas- will it ever end?

End of the day, Breadwinner snapped a quick photo- Little Sister insisted on being held.
Wow- look at those gorgeously clean carpets. *wink*
Blue tuxedo front, striped, button down-American Eagle
Gray/mushroomy soft, ruffle jacket- NY and Co
Jeans cuffed because the bottoms were wet from walking in the yard barefoot in the rain-AE

Here's some detail in the shirt- but are you seeing what I'm seeing?
What the heck is going on with my boob?
I know you noticed, it's ok-we are all friends here. I promise I wore a bra today- now I just need to figure out which one and burn it! Yikes!

cute headband though- Anthropologie- I watched and waited for clearance on top of clearance
Saturday-Last minute cleaning and projects, then great friends from down south came up to play for the day and slumber party!
Here are a few caviots- (though, I apparently can't spell caviot correctly)
1. We haven't seen these friends in months. 2.They came to spend the night so no one had to drive 90 miles home after a day and night of debauchery 3.The only photos of the day were during the debauchery- don't judge. ;)

me-anticipated the car bomb I was about to shoot after my best California friend's husband put it in front of me between helping in the kitchen....
Cute flower headband-Aerie
Heather gray drapey sweater- NY and CO
Cream asymetrical top-NY and Co
Gray beaded, necklace-American Eagle
Jeans- American Eagle
Mustard ruffle flats- Target

Slightly better shot of the top and more hilarious shot of me-post car bomb
(for those of you who don't know- an irish car bomb is a shot of bailey's and irish whiskey, dropped into a glass of guiness beer and chugged like a huge shot- it sort of tastes like chocolate milk....sort of)
Sunday-Recovery. No one showered until after 1pm! It was fantastic. Just hanging out with our friends and their two 9 month old twin boys. We recovered the house, played, and attempted to find my voice- it began to trickle away this morning. No, we were not recovering from too much alcohol- we were all responsible adults, that is until someone downloaded original mario bros. on the wii and a couple of us *ahem* stayed up til the wii (tee hee) small hours of the morning trying to save the princess and reliving our childhoods.
Monday-no school, no voice, lots of Christmas to finish, and two crabby-over tired girls! no pic again. We did run into town to brave the post office in our jeans, rain boots, long sleeved tees, and jackets. The three of us looked relatively cute. Bummer no pic.
Tuesday-Preschool, then home to continue looking for my voice, finish a few last minute Christmas orders from the shop, and attempt to wrap presents-which was vetoed by Little Sister's refusal on nap and subsequent crabby afternoon and evening. again, no pic. Picture maroon long sleeved tee, the long drapey go-to sweater from NY and Co, light denim jeans, and mustard flats.
As I finish this post, Little Sister is laying behind me on the sofa because she woke up for the 2nd time screaming in exhaustion.

Sometimes you just have to be in the middle of the action.
Merry Christmas, friends! If you are traveling, be safe! Staying home-enjoy your families! And most of all- while you enjoy Santa's treasures, remember the tiny baby lying in a manger coming to give us the greatest gift of all! Until next week- Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas!!!


Gina said...

LOVE that bracelet and all your outfits are super cute. You look great in the blue shirt with the belt.

My House of L said...

The mustard ruffle flats are awesome! I love Target clearance racks;o)

Paige @ The Wandering Cottage said...

You look so great in the peachy outfit!

Vera Matson said...

LOVE the NY and Co ruffly cardi and the fun bracelet too!

Paige said...

Outfits look great!!!

And I love the sleeping beauty shot at the end.

Merry Christmas!


Genn said...

Hi! Just checking out all the wiww's posts! You look great. I love that peach sweater! and the braceletes too!

kris said...

Love the pic of you laughing. You look gorgeous. Our spouses must really love this WIWW -- everyone is stepping up their game!