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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

WIWW and a hand-me-down Giveaway

If you are new to What I Wore Wednesday, here is a quick refresher...
Lindsey at the Pleated Poppy started her What I Wore Wednesday posts several months ago in an effort to change her habits of hanging out in pjs and softie pants all day. Just because she stays home to work and home school her kids, doesn't mean she can't be cute (seriously-she is too stinking cute, even IN her softies!). Since she started her WIWW link ups, over 100 women are putting themselves out there in blogland each week in an effort to share, inspire, and just be's my Week 13...lucky 13? Will I break 10,000 hits this week? Come on- big money-no whammies!
Wednesday-Preschool, few errands in town

In my defense- I did not look like a 500lb cow in person. This photo is horrible- but the outfit seems to be a huge *miss*- what do you think?
Gray long sleeve top- Target
Black jacket- Macy's clearance years ago
Green skirt- thrifted Old Navy
Black leggings-Target
Fabulous boots- Shopgal hand me down
Beaded necklace-Premier jewelry gift from my mom, Gramm
Thursday-cleaning house, playing outside with the girls and working in the Shop

Jeans-American Eagle
Black flower applique tank-Old Navy
Gray/pink drappey sweater-American Eagle
note: yes, I DID take this photo before checking the 'clean the mirrors' box on the to-do list
Friday-Preschool, then home to sew and play

Pink button down (with pockets)-NY and Co
Black flower belt-NY and Co
Jeans-American Eagle boyfriend cut
Mustard flats-Target
OK- so today I was trying to figure out what shoes to wear- hence last week's what-shoes-do-i-wear-in-the-winter-besides-tall-boots-when-it's-too-cold-for-flats question (still looking for answers to that one if you have suggestions....) I remembered I had these loafery shoes from my days in the office.

After slipping them on my feet I realized a small problem-
Do you know about 'flip flop jeans' vs 'boot jeans'? You know- jeans you wear in the spring/summer evenings with flip flops need to be a certain length so they don't drag when you walk, however flip flop jeans won't work in the winter as they look like high waters with boots. So- it appears all my bootcut jeans are 'flip flop' jeans. These little loafers are just not working for me.
Here in lies the hand me down giveaway. Think of it as a great thrift store find that's FREE.
If you are a size 8 and interested in these great little slightly heeled, camel loafers leave a comment on this post. Want another entry? Become a follower and leave a comment letting me know you did so.
On Friday I will draw at random from the comments indicating they are interested in the shoes and the winner gets the shoes!
Like it? Cheesy? Great idea? Ridiculous? Whadya think?
Back to our regularly scheduled WIWW....
Saturday-Cutting fabric and finishing Christmas decorations at home all day

forgot to take a pic- Breadwinner snapped this at the end of the night
Jeans-American Eagle artist
Brown belt-awesome Shopgal hand me down
Watercolor tee-gift from Gramm-Aeropostale
Navy tank-Old Navy
Pink Cardi-Old Navy
Sunday-Second week in a row back at Church-God deserves way more praise than we can ever give. Feels so awesome to be back at 'his house'!

Wide leg trouser jeans- NY and Co

Pink rosette top- gift from Aunt Dar pre-kids, Macy's?
Cream ruffle cardi-NY and Co
Fun peachy, bobble necklace-NY and Co

Super fun shoes-Steinmart in FL
Monday-Didn't leave the house all day- you ladies have me busy, busy, busy in my etsy shop! I didn't feel my outfit was anything special- though I did get dressed. Had friends over for Monday Night Football again and was told by Gargi even my non-effort was super cute. Thanks, Lady! Sorry friends, no pic.
Tuesday-Woke up with no voice- rushed to Preschool to make tomorrow's snack (peanut butter, chocolate no-bake cookies-mmmm) an hour late! Shipped off a boatload of orders and spent the rest of the day playing at home with the girls.

Jeans-American Eagle bootcut
Black cowl neck top-NY and Co
Green sweater-Old Navy
Why do I always stand with my hand on my hip turned slightly to the side?
Well- it's the most flattering way to hide my least favorite areas. See, I'm not quite cute enough to stand square to the mirror like Lindsey does- I just look wide. If I leave my arm straight down at my side, there is no telling where the body ends and arm begins so I look wider. Don't believe me? Try it- I bet you will find the same. Leaving a little space between your body and your arm helps keep your upper arm from doing that horrible wide thing, too...if you don't know what I'm talking about, you probably don't have to worry about it.
In summary- although I AM a total sass-a-frass, I don't typically stand in 'cheerleader' mode (though I was a cheerleader in high school- GO Kowboys!)- it's just for you, ok/...really it's for me ;)
Don't forget to post a comment for my hand-me-down-Giveaway!
Thanks for stopping by!!!
PS Check out my friend, Fashionista- she is now a blogger, soon to be Momma AND doing her first WIWW today! Leave her some love. ;) She's adorable, don't ya think?


Paige @ The Wandering Cottage said...

You are lookin so cute this week!

Amber said...

Its a shame those loafer are no go to you as they are so right for now are they no good with your dark blue trouser style jeans? hehe I do hate a classic item to leave a wardrobe. Looking cute all week honey and those peep toes are so sweet. Have a great week. ax

kris said...

I love the hot pink cardigan, tee, and jeans look. Very cute!

Dee said...

Your church outfit is so cute! I think your first outfit was cute and colorful, Oh and you look so cute in trouser jeans, I'm never sure I can pull it off!

Paige said...

I think you look GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! I love all of it...even the first one. :)


It's a Wannabe Decorator's Life said...

Every outfit is darling! You look great!

Emily said...

I found you from The Pleated Poppy. I am currently in that office-type clothes right now as I work full time. I would LOVE your slightly used shoes. They are adorable and totally brighten up my look! Love your blog and your clothes. You are adorable!

Stacy said...

Thanks for the shout out friend!!! I do not think your skirt and boots outfit is a miss - I think it's quite cute :-) And I love your church outfit again! Oh, and good work on getting that #1 link spot ;-)

Jodi said...

Love the green skirt and pink and gray striped sweater. I too stand in "cheerleader" pose for my pics, I can't help myself!

Ashley Davis said...

I'm loving the green skirt and the boots together! So cute!

Ashley said...

Those shoes are my size.. I'll sign up! Oh and PS your outfits are lovely!

Ally's Corner said...

Love the Pink rosette top.

Mary said...

Wish the shoes were my size! Very cute! And I a free with everyone else about the green skirt-very cute outfit!

Mary said...

Should say "agree..."

Kim said...

Great outfits! Love the loafers but I'm a size 8.5 :(

SisterlyLove said...

I just messed up on my comment and...i think it deleted it.. sooo i hope this doesn't mess up again!
AWE! What a great week! i LOVE sunday's ruffly pink and white outfit! SO cute..
Also.. i couldn't hep but notice your giveaway! what awesomeness!! i'll take 'em, please! hee hee

SisterlyLove said...

I follow your blog too! *cha-ching* extra entry!

Louise | Italy said...

Interesting concept! Now if I can just persuade myself that shopping is fun, I might also get up the gumption to photograph what I'm wearing every Wednesday...!

Sarah Taylor said...

Love it!! Great shoes! Love the giveaway. I'm the same way about posing in photos. Good for you for heading back to church!!! I love praising Jesus too!

Keshet said...

Love all of these, especially that ruffly shirt!

SisterlyLove said...

Wow! Cute, cute, cute! I love your outfits!
Especially the sweaters.

Those shoes are so cute! AND I wear a size 8! Hooray! What a great 'find'!
I hope I win!
Lovely blog!