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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

On the Tenth Day of Christmas...

my true love gave to me, a sparkly, pink Christmas tree!
(actually our friend, Jen gave this to us a few years ago when she learned she was pregnant with a baby boy and wouldn't be needing this pink, glowing tree any time soon!)

This 4ft tinsel tree stays in the girls' room each year.

When it is plugged in, their entire ROOM turns bright pinkie/red.
Kinda looks like the red light district around here through their window.

Last year to tone down the pinki-ness I found this fun turquoise tree skirt at Target as well as a pack of shatterproof multi-colored shatterproof ornaments in red, turquoise, lime green, and (of course) pink and purple.

The goal was to help nuetralize some of the overwhelming pinkie-purple with other colors. Oh, and then Big Sister asked Santa for 'a snowflake' for Christmas last year, so *Santa* found these turquoise glitter snowflake ornaments and hung them on the tree for Big Sister to find when she woke up Christmas morning....and a purple star tree topper for the tippie top.
This year Big Sister added a foam picture ornament she made at school to finish out the look.

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