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Thursday, December 23, 2010

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas...

my true love gave to me...a hook free Christmas tree!

Well, really a hook free house of trees, but that doesn't rhyme quite as well.
Here's the scoop.
Last Christmas season, in the little house, Big and Little Sister constantly had ornament hooks in their hands. It's like they were multiplying!
Even without ornaments falling off (or being taken by little hands), there were hooks everywhere.
When we packed up last Christmas I threw away all the hooks. Every.Single.One. and began attaching satin ribbon or twine loops to all the ornaments.

This year as I unwrapped all the ornaments, I finished the tedious job- and I couldn't be happier!
From the tiny 1 foot side table trees to the 9 1/2 foot living room tree- there is not one hook ornament in our home.
The ribbons add extra color to the tree and really jazz up the ornaments.
Each one looks like something special with a ribbon loop or bow.

My favorites are the glass, glitter covered 'Shamu' ornament Santa brought Big Sister last year

(doesn't it look even more elegant on the large white satin ribbon?)
and our Hallmark ornaments, which all hang from red organdy ribbon with bows

oh, and definitely the ornament my great aunt in Ohio sent for Little Sister's first Christmas 2 years ago-it's so fun and girlie with a big brown organdy ribbon with white polka dots!

Hook free-I highly recommend it!

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