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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


If you are new to What I Wore Wednesday, here is a quick refresher...
Lindsey at the Pleated Poppy started her What I Wore Wednesday posts several months ago in an effort to change her habits of hanging out in pjs and softie pants all day. Just because she stays home to work and home school her kids, doesn't mean she can't be cute (seriously-she is too stinking cute, even IN her softies!). Since she started her WIWW link ups, over 100 women are putting themselves out there in blogland each week in an effort to share, inspire, and just be's my Week 10.
Wednesday-Preschool for Big Sister then laundry, laundry, laundry

Brown boat neck tee-Old Navy- pretty old
Black and Brown brindle sweater- Old Navy
Hey, look- no AE jeans! Boyfriend fit khakis- Gap clearance years ago with Fashionista
Brick red bow flats- Target
Thursday-Errands in town with the girls- including a Joann's stop- half off redline fabrics! and Gramm's treat of sending me shopping with her NY and Co card for upcoming December trip.

Gray long sleeved tee- Target
Dark gray ruffle soft jacket- NY and Co

Here it is unbuttoned- and blurry with my AE gray necklace
Friday-Preschool then playdate at home. Started out quite chilly, then warmed up in the afternoon. Morning:

Charcoal, cowl neck cozy sweater- NY and Co
Super duper dark skinny jeans- AE clearance- $16!
Chocolate brown boots- JC Penney, last year's black friday (anyone else so excited it's almost here!!??)
Little Sister- hiding behind Mommy

Red ruffle tank- new 'happy' from ShopGal
Heather shrug/mini cardi-Target
Saturday- Family time and lunch in town, then home to watch the end of the Georgia game and sew, sew, sew

Dark gray ruffle tank- American Eagle
Light gray sweater- NY and Co
Red beaded necklace and red bangle- Hmmm...pretty old, I don't remember
Sunday- Sorry for the bad lighting. I forgot to take a pic until the end of the day. Stayed home and played outside with the kids, cleaned, and worked in the garage with Breadwinner, then stayed up sewing, cutting, and knotting.

Georgia throwback sweatshirt- Cornelia, GA Walmart
White tank- Old Navy
Jeans- AE
Monday- You are only getting this horrible pic because I took it so I might as well post it. Please ignore the fact that I look like a linebacker. Babysitter for the kids, few last minute supplies in town and working all day on my brand new Etsy shop! then Monday Night Football hosting after 2 weeks off for sick family- oh, and do you like the growing pile of clean laundry I've neglected while trying to get this shop open?

Gray shirt with ruffle at collar- so much cuter than this picture shows- Ann Taylor Loft
Boyfriend fit crops- AE
Tuesday- after 3 nights in a row up until after midnight- the last 2 nights up until after 2:30am getting my FairlyFabulous open, we were running ridiculously late for Preschool today (20 minutes late for drop off/snack prep), but I was determined to look like I didn't roll out of bed, stumble into the shower, then stumble into the car, barely remembering my children...

Fabulous plaid, ruffle front top (which looks much cuter usually) - NY and Co last year
Skinny jeans- AE- all my other jeans were folded at the bottom of a basket of clean clothes
New favorite, absolutely amazing boots I blogged about over and over last week- ShopGal!

messy wet pony tail fixer-Orange crochet headband- Heatherlymade (I don't see this in her shop anymore, it's several years old, maybe we can convince her to make them again!)
This week is the official Grand Opening of my very own shop on Etsy! It's been months of prep but I'm excited it's finally open- I've even had a couple sales! YEAH! I know most of you just click over for WIWW each week, but I'd love for you to take a gander at my new 'baby'. You might even find something Fabulous you can't live without. *wink*
Thanks largely to you amazing WIWW women, my little blog recently broke 7,000 hits and 20 followers! With such great milestones I made an announcement you might have missed. When we get to 10,000 hits- there will be a GIVEAWAY....and when we have 30 followers there will be ANOTHER giveaway. We all love, giveaways, right? So keep on checking back to see what's new and be sure to follow me so you stay updated.
Thanks, ladies! And thanks, Pleated Poppy for helping out us little bloggers in the world!!
Keep the inspiration coming!


Paige said... are super cute!!! Love your style!

Kelli said...

I love the red tank, super cute. Thanks for sharing!

Kelli @

Emily Zavitz said...

Love the layered looks with all the cute cardis! And I would KILL to be able to wear jeans every day-- you have so many different pairs!

Paige @ The Wandering Cottage said...

So Cute!

Holly said...

Your outfits were great--again. :) Really like your boots, layered tops and the orange flower in your hair was a dash of FUN!

Kim said...

This is how I know you're not *from* the Antelope Valley: You dress way way too cute!

Love 'em all!