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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Growing Turkey

Most everyone has seen or made a hand print or hand silhouette Turkey.
From tracing our hands on a piece of paper or chalkboard in elementary school and turning the thumb into the head, coloring the other fingers to be feathers, to creating these little masterpieces with our own little ones- we've all seen them or made them.
As I mom, I now see the problem with these sweet little crafts.
Babies grow up too fast.
We throw out pages and pages of school 'art work' a week, choosing just the most special to save for posterity (or until I go on my next purging quest!), but how do you throw away a craft with your child's tiny, precious hand print on it?!
Two years ago when Big Sister was a 2 years old and a brand new Big Sister, the two of us sat down at the dining room table (aka craft table, aka sewing table, aka holiday craft table- oh so happy to be in the desert oasis with separate tables for all these things!) and made a little hand silhouette turkey.
I carefully cut each hand as close to the correct size as possible (have you ever traced a busy, wiggly 2 yr old's hand? no small task!) and gave them to her to color, then she grabbed the glue stick and together we made a turkey.
Knowing I wanted to keep it, but not sure how, I glued it to a paper plate and stuck it in the 'fall decor' box.
This year when that box came out, I compared our now 2 yr old Little Sister's hand size to her Big Sister's 2 yr turkey and realized it's not looking so great.
Here's my solution:

Spool of gold satin ribbon- because a little satin ribbon makes EVERYTHING better, $4.99 sale square frame from Micheal's (plus an extra 25% off frame coupon), brown card stock and my little turkey's turkey.

I cut the chocolate brown card stock to size, took apart the frame and placed the paper in front of the glass since I wanted the 3D turkey to stand out. Then, using puffy poster tape, I took her little turkey off the paper plate and attached it to the card stock.

A little Gobble, Gobble, Gobble in white paint pen, hot glue for the fun satin bow and Viola! The perfect little Thanksgiving decoration!
**I made sure to pick up two of these frames- Little Sister needs to make one this year. Two turkeys for my two turkeys**
So now the problem- do we make one every year? Do we keep them all as our babies grow and we miss the tiny moments more and more? Do we plaster our house in hands? Where do you draw the line with crafts like this? What do you think?

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