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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Creating Christmas

Is it really here already?
Christmas is such an amazing time of year. People reaching out to help others--donating toys, sponsoring needy children, serving's just magical!
The weather is cooler (in most areas) so everyone bundles up and snuggles in with their favorite blankets (and people)-it's just a happy time.
Combine that warm fuzzy feeling with the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you discover a familiar hand writing in your mailbox and there you find- the simplest Christmas treasure-Holiday cards!
Is there anything better than the simple pleasure of a Christmas card?
After an exhausting day of working, raising babies, or whatever makes you tick, opening that sterile box at the end of your drive to find colorful, sparkling treasures from friend old friends filled with photos and tales of the past year just brings a smile and tiny reminder of the fabulous season!
Can you tell I love Christmas cards? I do- I just love them!
Now plain old store bought cards with a signature are better than nothing, but I just love the personal touches of photos and letters or short recaps.
Shortly after Breadwinner and I got married, a friend introduced me to rubber stamping and there was no turning back. Each year for the last 5, I pulled out my favorite card stock, ink, and stamps to create our Christmas masterpiece for the year.
Last year, between packing, moving, and keeping up with two busy toddlers home made was not in the cards...(tee hee- in the cards)
Because I did not want to skip out on the tradition complete, I turned with a heavy heart to photo cards. WOW was I surprised! There are so many styles to choose from, it's easy to create a perfectly personalized photo Christmas card!
I've always been a fan of fabulous Shutterfly's photo books. They are so easy to create and make amazing gifts for our family so far away. I knew Shutterfly had photo cards, but had no idea how fabulous they are!
This year, it's a no brainer- with the already hectic holiday season, I'm heading straight to Shutterfly for our Christmas Cards.
Have you seen all their options?
Their folded cards are the complete package- with countless options for cutie backgrounds, zillions of pictures, and snipits of info- all you have to do is put a stamp on the envelope and mail them!

There are soo many fabulous colors and styles to choose from.
I love the styles with room for a huge picture.

Although, with the number of photos we take each year, the collage options are probably better for us.

I'm really drawn to the turquoisey blue with bits of bright red and green this year.
To make the already amazing cards even BETTER this year, Shutterfly is offering bloggers 50 FREE photo cards. Fabulous designs, easy creating options, AND FREE. Seriously? Bloggers go register for your 50 FREE cards and rush on over to Shutterfly to make your photo Christmas cards this year....and start looking for thost marvelous mailbox treasures!

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