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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's Been a while

So, you may recall I started this blog as a record keeping/journaling of my workout to get rid of all the 'relocated', on my body. The fat seems to linger in certain areas since I had Big Sister and Little Sister. While I know I am not the biggest Mama in the world, or the smallest mama in the world- I'd like to be the happiest. OK, at least personally content with my body AND mind.
I started out with a bang- walking, jogging, full on running, sprints, crunches- I was on fire! Then the 'mind' part of this healing started to kick into overdrive. All you crazy crafty bloggers inspire me! I've let my crafts, creations, re-dos, and Wednesdays take over my blog and my effort to re-gain my bathing suit body. Now I do realize it is October and the winds they are a changing- but sister, the fat tire over the jeans isn't any cuter in the winter as it is in the summer! Buying bigger clothes is a great cop-out, but it's just that- a cop out! And a silly one at that- when I have a closet full of fabulous clothes just pleading to be worn (super cute winter stuff- lookout!)
Today we started again.
Little Sister and I walked and jogged.
37 whole minutes.
and we intentionally sought out hills and inclines.
Well, she just hung out in the stroller eating a snack and talking to a borrowed Elmo doll.
It was great- and tomorrow, I'm planning on trying something new.
I hate mornings. Did you know that? I do- I know I should wake up and think 'PRAISE GOD- another day to run out and be, do, create, love, explore...' but I don't. I think- ugh- is Little Sister up ALREADY?! Today was a little different. Instead of grabbing Little Sister and bringing her into my bed (where Big Sister already found herself 20 or so minutes before) turning on Sprout and rolling back over to pretend to sleep a little more, I just got up and got going. Breakfast, dressed, and out the door for Preschool....and the first walk/jog in 2 weeks! It felt great.
So great, I got this hairbrained idea to get up at 5am when Breadwinner's alarm goes off and run before he leaves and before the kids wake up. I can be back before he's gone so the kids are not alone (don't go calling child services- I'm not THAT crazy), then I can actually nap when they nap and maybe, just maybe my brain will shut off early enough in the evening that I can go to bed at a normal hour. Now- all that being said- it's currently midnight (see the previous statement) so the odds of this happening 5 hours from now are slim to none- but maybe Thursday will be a good day to start? Or maybe I will push it off another 2 weeks.
Sigh* So much work to do, so little time!
Good Night!

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