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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Costumes- Tiny Ladybug

August 16, 2006 we welcomed our first baby into the world, Big Sister.
Her nursery polka dots and ladybugs, so it seemed fitting her first Halloween costume follow suit.
Being a new mom of a fairly young baby, I felt the need to do something homemade.
My first attempt at making a costume for my own child and I was up for the challenge.

At the time it seemed next to impossible to find the time to work on her little costume. Looking back now I laugh at all the free time I had in those first few months!
I purchased some red duck cloth fabric from Joann's, cut out 4 tiny wings, sewed two together like a pillow, turned them inside out, got out my black craft paint, made a few polka dots and hearts, stitched the two completed wings to a piece of elastic, made two elastic arm holes (which had to be resized 3 times to get them small enough, apparently I'm not a great measurer) and the wings were complete!
We already had a black long sleeved onsie, but no rit dye and I had a meeting in a large stock pot with a plain white infant hat and a pair of socks. The socks ended up brown so we ditched them, but the hat was perfect. A few pipe cleaners swirled into antenna and sewn to the top of the hat completed Big Sister's very first Halloween costume.

She was too cute, all chubby and wrinkly with little bitty wings.

This was also our first attempt at growing a giant pumpkin in the backyard.
187 lbs-Not too shabby for our first year.

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