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Friday, October 29, 2010

Finally the Coffee Table

Remember a few weeks back I teased you with my coffee table re-do and promised to show you the finished product?
Geez- where has the time gone? Let's get to it already!
We got this beautiful piece of furniture from some great friends when we moved to the desert.
Our old living room was so narrow, there was no room for a coffee table even if we wanted one.
Perfect timing- great friends move to a great new house, don't need their beautiful mahogany coffee table anymore- we need a coffee table to help fill our enormous new living room.
Well, the coffee table is lovely, no doubt about it...but not quite our style. Except that our style is so sort of I guess it is our style. I digress.
Here is is before I decided to 'Anthropologize' it

Nice, right?

I stripped it, sanded it, stripped it again, sanded it again...I was trying to do this the 'right' way and get down to the original wood.
Never doing that again. The poly and stain were so thick it would take 10 years to strip down to the original wood. When I finally got to a rough enough point, I spray painted the table using Valspar Summer Leaf.

Now, I knew I planned to do more to it, but after finishing the paint I was soooo glad I wasn't stopping there. Whew- now THAT is a bright table!
**Side note: After this project I COMPLETELY fell in love with Valspar spray paint. It is a billion times better than Krylon. From here on out, I'm a Valspar girl.**

When the paint was sufficiently dry (I love the arid desert- it takes 2 seconds for paint to dry out here. Ah it's great!), I hit the table pretty hard with my hand sander, then wiped off all the dust and pulled out my trusty dark walnut stain. Wipe on, wipe off, wipe on, wipe off....

When I was satisfied with the coverage and stain lines I let the table dry, then applied a billion coats of polyurethane. It's amazing how much he stain changed the color of the paint- for the better, I think.
And here is the table back in the living room, with Little Sister refusing to get off the sofa.

I know, totally random- a green coffee table?

I'm pretty sure I'm in love. So random, but so fun. Stare at it for a while. The longer you look, the more it grows on you.

So Anthropologie-esque. Breadwinner was a little skeptical at first, but now even he is majorly in love. He says he's scared to ask which piece of furniture with change next while he is away at work....ah the possibilities!

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Madigan at madiganmade said...

What a change! Love the color. (I like Valspar, too. And it's cheaper!)