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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Owl keep on Trying to Create

It's no big secret owls are super trendy right now.
You can't browse through a home decor store, children's clothing department, or etsy shop without running into a few wide eyed friends.
The girls new big girl room base decor is the fun pink owl bedding collection from Target.
Since there are so many cute (and incredibly expensive!) stuffed owls out there, I decided to try my hand (and sewing machine) at making a few of my own.

Here are the first three additions to our crafty family.

Their eyes are made from soft wool felt my quilting Aunt gave me last fall. They are hand cut and stitched to the fabric. The beak is cut and sewn from regular crafting felt.

The cute owl fabric is one of a few fall-y fabrics I picked up this weekend with this (and of course a few other) fall craft(s) in mind. I folded my fabric in half and drew out half an owl type shape, then unfolded it to decide if I liked it. After a little tweeking, I had these three different sizes/shapes. Each owl is made from two pieces of fabric, machine sewn right sides together, then pulled inside out and stuffed like little pillows. The bottom opening is hand stitched closed. Do you like them?
As usual, I learned quite a bit from this first batch. While I decide what to do with them, the girls are enjoying carrying their new wide eyed 'babies' all over the house!


Samantha said...

These are so cute I love the large eyes.

Katie said...

Great job on the owl's! said...

I love that they are 3 different shapes. Thanks for sharing ... I've posted a link.

Alison said...

These are absolutely adorable!