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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day Six

Day 6- Day off
No couch 2 5k today. Instead?
Stripped every bed in the house, washed all sheets, re-made all beds, washed all remaining laundry in Big Sister/Little Sister’s hamper, Mommy/Breadwinner’s hamper, packed all (but Breadwinner) clothes for trips, gathered snacks, drinks, toys, treats, packed car, vacuumed entire house, swept and swiffered all hardwoods, three stops en route (Breadwinner’s errands), 2 plus hour car ride to our final destination....Anaheim, CA. Checked in, settled...slightly, down the elevator and walked to Downtown Disney Anaheim where I consumed more calories at Rainforest Cafe than 10 weeks of Couch 2 5k can rid! Luckily, we walked there and back....I pushed the stroller on the way there. Thanks to the semi-accurate, non-calibrated pedometer, I’m happy to report 2.34 miles of hard walking today.
Day off....scratch that!

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