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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day One

This whole project began yesterday.
As a former runner, whenever I start to feel unhappy about my physical appearance or health, running is the first thing that comes to mind...well and crunches. When I was in high school I was crazy. I used to do 200-300 crunches a day. Morning and night. Crazy.
In April, just before my 30th birthday, Breadwinner agreed to get a Wii and the Wii Fit Plus program.
Naturally, the running aerobic option appealed to me.
Have you ever tried running around your living room while your children are napping?
It's better than running in place, but still quite ridiculous.
Not downing the Wii. It's still great for yoga, boxing, balance- just not running.
After reading about the couch 2 5k program, and talking to one of my best friend's about it...I decided to go for it.
Tuesday was day one for me. We live on a dirt road so getting up and pushing the girls around in a stroller is just not an option. Big Sister goes to school three days a week and the program calls for three days of workout. Perfect. We dropped Big Sister in class, dusted off the single umbrella stroller, strapped Little Sister in and went to work.
Up the parking lot incline, headed west on Felsite, down to 30th, south on 30th to Rosamond Blvd, back up 30th and back to school. About half walking, half jogging. Not exactly what the program calls for- but I've always been stubborn! 25 minutes today. So far so good.
Oh- and salad for lunch.

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