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Friday, August 23, 2013

Creative Tea Time Craft Party: A Giveaway

Remember that fun little craft weekend I hosted at my house last May?
What an amazing time that was!
From the moment it ended I had questions about 'the next one'. While I haven't quite convinced Breadwinner to turn our home into a crafty bed and breakfast again- I do have another incredible plan to share.

A couple months ago, my sweet friend Tracy, (who really became my friend at The Slumber Party last year), told me about an event she's been rolling around in her head. It sounded FABULOUS! I told her to count me in, she put a date on the calendar...and the rest, know how that goes....

 photo creativeteatimecrafts_zps056faa9d.jpg 

Creative Tea Time Crafty Party is a one day Southern California high tea themed, sassy, vintage inspired girls craft day at the beach! I know, right?! How could ANYONE say no?

Tracy and Leann are the main gals in charge of all the precious event details, and when I say precious details...let me just tell you, NO detail was missed. From decor, to table settings, to menus, to crafts- it promises to be a Fabulous day!

Oh and swag.

Did I mention swag? My jaw continues to drop daily at the YES sponsor emails that drop into my inbox!

 photo redletterwords_zpse6dc5cc6.png photo penandpaintblog_zps9c41de0a.png photo decoart_zpsad962c38.png 

Just to name a VERY few. So many incredible sponsors partnering with us for this perfectly crafty day!

Are you dying for more info yet?!

Here goes....

  • saturday, september 21st 2013
  • capo beach - 34531 via espinoza - dana point, ca 92624
  • cost $40/person
  • several varieties of craft projects, perfect time for the holidays!
  • high tea breakfast and luncheon
  • delicious desserts
  • shopping in downtown san clemente
  • dinner in downtown san clemente (not included in price)
  • optional: dress for high tea  
SO?! Did you stop reading and zip over to buy your ticket yet?

No? OH! That's's SOLD OUT! I know?! Crazy!

...What's that? Oh- you saw the GIVEAWAY in the blog title? Hmmmm...

Well, since you mentioned it....How bout if we GIVE away a ticket?
I thought you'd like that.

The entries are easy and you DON'T have to be a blogger to enter. One winner will be posted on August 30th. You can share the giveaway once daily for extra entries, so don't forget to come back and give yourself credit each day. Good Luck!!

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Tiny Moments

This is my space.
Of the little time I've spent on this space in the last two years, too much was devoted to justifying my hiatuses and apologizing for my blogger shortcomings.

When my girls are grown, I want to look back on this space and remember....remember the silly things they said and did. The crazy outfits they put together. The days that seemed so trying. The adventures we had. The projects we made. The home we created. The memories we made....
The way they grew into little ladies who love Jesus. The way their share their love with everyone around them.
Not for pages and pages of apology posts.

I want to remember.

Lately, all I do is forget.

Yesterday I woke up and the sore throat I had the day before turned into a full blown 'bark cough', congestion, and all around knock Mama on her butt kind of a day. We spent most of the day watching a Netflix original show about mermaid girls. Truly a waste of a day, but such a blessing to have a down day with my girls, snuggling and learning about all their dreams of swimming in the ocean depths with fins and tails.

When Breadwinner broke the news it was going to be a late night at work for him, I broke the news to the girls we would all be staying home from church. Kennedy-the nearly 5 year old- looked me dead in the eye and said,

"It's OK, Mama. I can drive.....(long pause)....No really, I know how. I drive my car ALL the time."

While she does drive that Flintstone style Little Tikes Cozy Coupe like a champ, and her so sad eyes nearly broke my mama heart, I had to turn down her offer.

She was convinced she could drive herself and her nearly 7 year old sister to church while Daddy worked and I rested. Convinced. I love her heart.


About an hour later, we were cleaning up toys and Summer work books. Kennedy asked where to put an alphabet game I got out for her.

My response, "I want it to live in the living room now, please put it in the red bin with the rest of your flashcards."

Kennedy quickly replied, one hand on hip-head cocked to the side, "Mama- we don't say I WANT, you should have just said I WOULD LIKE..."

Good to know they DO listen...even if they do ignore me 99 out of 100 times.


Monday Madison starts 2nd grade. Second. Grade. How is this possible?
Time is flying.
I don't want to forget these tiny moments.
I may never be the biggest crafty blogger. Or the best DIY designer. Or Mommy fashion blogger.

I'll always be a mommy. I won't always have little girls.
This space is for the memories. The moments. The tiny day to day.
Welcome back to it.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Surprise Room Inspriation Wall

Last week I shared a few teasers of my current favorite project on Instagram. (Are you following me? @fairlyfabulous1)
 photo IMG_7630_zps092c6341.jpg
Three years ago when we moved into our house, my girls asked what this room was for. They saw Mommy and Daddy's room, the office/guest room, their room (yes, they share. yes. we like it that way), and then there was this room. I told them it was a surprise. See, two weeks after we moved in, the girls and I were going to Florida to previously planned trip to see my family. While we were gone, Breadwinner was going to move my craft stuff and all their toys from the temporary storage unit into the room. A playroom for all the 'girls' seemed perfect! Mommy sews, paints, crafts, creates...while the girls play. It didn't take long for me to completely overtake the room, but the 'Surprise Room' name stuck.

 photo IMG_7634_zps780fa479.jpg 
So- let me introduce you to the new inspiration/art wall in the Surprise Room.

 photo IMG_7643_zpsb78822af.jpg 

This collection of art, trinkets, memorabilia, and little 'happies' has been growing for several years now. 

 photo IMG_4265_zpsf5da6740.jpg 

With a fresh coat of neutral oops paint on the wall (sorry I don't have a color name for you!), each piece stands out for the beauty or memory that it carries. It's a work in progress, but so far...I'm in love.

 photo IMG_4268_zpscfcba731.jpg  

 photo IMG_4270_zpsd1305042.jpg

 photo IMG_4260_zpsc8e69e42.jpg

 photo IMG_4264_zps37600821.jpg

 photo IMG_4271_zps008eb59b.jpg

 photo IMG_4272_zpsd8826415.jpg

 photo IMG_4258_zps4f858842.jpg

 photo IMG_4257_zps9d0a15ce.jpg

 photo IMG_4273_zps4e138058.jpg

 photo IMG_4274_zps9e6e882e.jpg

 photo IMG_4275_zps7b2614ee.jpg

 photo IMG_4276_zps0dc8c789.jpg

 photo IMG_4277_zpsa1eda613.jpg

 photo IMG_7643_zpsb78822af.jpg

Clockwise from the top: rainbow bunting by Alyson and me in preparation for last years' FairlyFab Party. Make Something Pretty While you Can- Pen & Paint, frame paint color is Krylon Bright Idea, Grace Like Rain..Sage Theule from The Stitch Market c/o The Pleated Poppy, Embellished frame and cherry pic by me, I {heart} Athens-Pen & Paint, Create- free printable from Allorahandmade, vintage Georgia atlas page- Earth Cookie, Happiness is Handmade- Pen & Paint mounted by me onto a wooden plaque, Kissimme hoop art- me from an old Old Navy tee, be who you are frame with stock photo still in it (note to self: fix that) gift from my mom, i love being fabulous hoop from a sweet friend, embellished by me, blessed print-Red Letter Words, Dawgs wooden plaque-gift from my mom, Picture taking freak-lollipops, We love print- Chrissie Grace, crazy awesome locker- April Kennedy (I still have one more to hang), rosette flower hoop art- Blossom & Vine, Rainbow clothesline frame for instagram prints-made by me with fabric scraps and twine, You are Beautiful and Brilliant-Chrissie Grace, junque- Earth Cookie, Do small things print-Pen & Paint, Every day print-Erin Leigh, 2 Kings print- Chrissie Grace, fabric hoop with another lovely Red Letter Words print, fabric hoop made from a dress both my girls wore-so many memories in that fabric, wire wrapped flower from my very best BFF in Georgia-Kimberly.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

$100 ModCloth Giveaway

Hey Friends!
You may have noticed I've been a bit off the blogging grid the past well, year or so...
I thought it might be fun to come back with a BANG! I'm teaming up with a few lovely ladies to give you the opportunity to win a $100 gift card to ModCloth!

 photo the_gingerbread_blog_modcloth_zps79982aae.jpg 
I'm teaming up with a few lovely ladies to give you the opportunity to win a $100 gift card to ModCloth! Whoop, whoop! Who wouldn't love a little extra shopping money at the cutest online clothing shop?! We're making it easy for bloggers and non-bloggers alike to spruce up their Summer wardrobe with some new, fun pieces! Just click the Rafflecopter link below and start entering.
 photo the_gingerbread_blog_modcloth_giveaway_zps047403b0.jpg 
Thanks to April, Elizabeth, Heidi, Jen, Rachel, Liz, Emily for hosting this super awesome giveaway with me!
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Monday, April 8, 2013

Hello, Friends!

It's nice to be back in this little online space of mine.
So much has happened with the blogisphere since I last checked in.
Did you see Google Friend Connect is going away/gone?
I wanted to be sure you know there are still PLENTY of ways to stay connected to Fairly Fabulous and not miss out on all the fun!
First- and my BIGGEST recommendation-

 photo instagram_zps38271855.jpg

Have you heard of it? If you have a smartphone you can download the FREE app and start following along. My handle is @FairlyFabulous1.
The sweet folks over at Instagram realized lots of people were missing out on the fun, so they made our profiles accessible via computer now, too!
While I've all but abandoned this precious blog of mine lately, I DO post to Instagram often- sometimes multiple times a day.

Follow on Bloglovin

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Now is the PERFECT time to be following Fairly Fabulous as several awesome giveaways and discount codes start NEXT week! Eeek!

Welcome back, Happy Spring!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Choose Joy- a Conference

When I first read about Emmy's idea for her Choose Joy conference we had just experienced our 2nd loss. I know there are others who need a day like this. When Emmy asked who was willing to help her spread the word I raised my hand high!!

Meet Emmy-she's awesome and I'm thrilled to have her here today.

I'm Emmy, I'm 35, and I'm infertile.

Wait, let me back up.  I'm Emmy.  Meagan has been so sweet to allow me to invade her space for the day.  I own Much Ado About You {where I used to sell printed day planners, and now I just sell printables}, I occasionally blog {Confesstions of a Paper Freak}, and I incessantly Instagram {@itsjustemmy}.  I am married to my high school sweetheart and as of this year we have been together for more than half our lives.

Almost 11 years ago I got pregnant for the first time.  Nathan and I were so excited, and immediately started planning that child's future.  We were thinking of names... wondering if it would be a boy or a girl... hoping its due date of December 26th would not mean we were going to have a Christmas baby.

But just a few days later I started bleeding heavily, and knew in an instant that that baby was gone.

We had only just begun trying to get pregnant, but I had so many friends experiencing infertility and I begged God to spare us from that roller coaster.

Our doctor told us that since we were so early in the pregnancy I would not need a D & C, and that technically I could get pregnant as soon as my next cycle.

Which I did.

That pregnancy was such a relief, and I vividly remember thanking God that I was never going to have to walk that long and painful road of infertility.

A year after Beau was born we decided to start trying for a second baby.  We wanted four, so we thought we'd better get going!

God had different plans for our family. 

The next six years were spent going from one doctor's appointment to the next... from one surgery to the next... all in an effort to figure out why my young and seemingly healthy body was not working.

I have Endometriosis, a condition that basically destroys your body from the inside out.  During my final surgery my doctor made the painful decision to remove both of my non-functioning fallopian tubes, hoping it would increase the chance of my third and final IVF {invitro-fertilization} treatment being successful.

The next month we had our final IVF procedure.  It failed.  We were done.

We were physically {well mostly me on that one}, emotionally, and financially spent.  The chance of a natural pregnancy was eliminated with the removal of my tubes.  I was officially STERILE.  It is still strange to say those words.  I am a woman that cannot do what I was created to do... bear children.  That is a very strange reality to be faced with.

I spent seven dark years in the thick of my infertility {I say "my" infertility because the issues were mine... with another woman my husband could have had more children... more salt in the wounds}.  For some of those years Nathan and I were not on the same page.  He didn't understand my desperation for a child when I already was a mom.  Those years I struggled with a deep loneliness that I had never known.  It is so hard to explain what infertility feels like to someone that has never experienced it, but the bottom line is... IT SUCKS.

However, God also used those seven years to challenge my character and bring me to a place of total trust and reliance on His plan for my life.  I came to a point where I had to say, "God, I love you and I trust you, and I know that {while very different from mine} Your plan is the best plan for my life.  So even if I never have another baby I will praise you and be thankful for whatever it is that you call me to do."

And I really was at peace.  Without tubes I no longer had to live in two week cycles, wondering if each late period was the one.  I had an incredible eight year old that was the joy of my life, a loving, supportive husband, a thriving business... life was good.

Now since I have already babbled on for quite some time {and probably lost most of you} I will leave this next part of the story short and sweet {if you would like to read the whole story, you can find it here}.  Through miraculous circumstances, in March of 2011 we brought home the most beautiful baby girl that looks nothing like us.

And in the instant that I met her I understood every no that God had placed in my path. 

If you are in a season of not understanding the circumstances of your life, please be encouraged that someday you may understand and even appreciate the painful path that you are walking. 

Since experiencing infertility and adoption I have a heart for encouraging hurting women.  Several months ago I felt a calling on my life to do something to help other women that are experiencing similar trials, and the Choose Joy event was born.

Choose Joy is a one-day conference in Southern California for women and couples that are experiencing infertility and/or desire to grow their families through adoption.  I have somehow convinced several other women from all over the country to come and be a part of this event.  We have speakers on topics such as "God's Heart for the Hurting; Waiting Hurts, Waiting Perfects", "Having a Heart of Hope: Overcoming the Hurt of Infertility", "The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly of International Adoption", and much, much more.  My desire is for this to be a day of connection and community, and for women to open their minds to the plan that God has for their family.     

The event will include a luncheon and a dessert, and at the end we will be raffling off a cash prize to help someone grow their family.

Tickets are on sale for $30 through the 25th of January.  {After that the price goes up to $40, so don't delay!}  Please visit the website for all the details on the location and schedule, bios on each speaker, and to register for the event. 

If you aren't experiencing infertility, statistics say that someone you know is.  Please pass this website on to your friends or family that could use some support. 

Thanks for reading my story.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

First Sledding Trip

In the last post I mentioned Daddy's surprise....
After seeing our fun from last Tuesday's impromptu snow trip, Daddy wanted in on the fun.
When we left Madison's school program, Breadwinner went home and researched awesome local snow spots. He had it all planned out to a tee. With the help of a few text message exchanged to me at the preschool, Breadwinner packed the Jeep with all our snow pants (including some old ski bibs of his he found in the attic for me!), boots, gloves, even hot chocolate...oh and the new sled boards we planned on giving the girls for Christmas.
He found a spot with more snow piled up than the girls have ever seen. Before we could get our gloves on they were body sliding down the snow covered camp ground.
Their eyes lit up when Breadwinner gave them the penguin boards!
Madison ran up the hill and jumped on!
We spent hours climbing the hill and sliding down.
It was an incredible afternoon.






We even managed to get a photo together thanks to the camera timer.
Our self portrait attempt took several tries.
We spent hours dragging the girls up the mountain and sliding down.
Kennedy loved the ride up. She used her tongue as a snow plow on more than one trip!
Madison even tried carrying Kennedy up the mountain. It didn't last long!
Kennedy crashed in the car on the way home. We moved her to the couch where she stayed until bedtime.
We were having so much fun on our trip I completely forgot about a staff meeting at the preschool and showed up 45 minutes late! The ladies were very understanding of our family time.
We can't wait to head back to Tehachapi for more sledding and snow fun during our Christmas time off!